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Claim Faction Turf

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Turf map marks the territory of an area controlled by factions of LS:RP. It is designed to regulate the claims and usage of turf in order to minimize OOC conflicts.  Submitting the request does not guarantee an approval.  Turf justification outside of Los Santos city will be treated the same as if they are in the city. This means that no faction will be able to claim the entire town/city they reside on. Note that you do not need a marked turf to operate




Before applying for turf, please ensure you meet the below requirements.

  • Faction must be active/exists for 2 weeks before submitting a turf claim to the faction management
  • Faction must be active in the area it wishes to claim
  • The member count must justify the size of the claim
  • Not been denied turf in the last 7 days.




Please send the below application to the Head of Turf: @Bellagio


In Game Name:  answer


Faction Name: answer

Faction Thread Link: answer

Faction Type: OCG/gang


Area you wish to claim: Screenshot from the map here


Do you have any existing turf? If so, attach a screenshot of it:   answer


Evidence of your faction operating in the turf area:   answer


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