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  1. A son to a made man, raised by his father to fit within Boston’s Cosa Nostra - born into a lifetime of crime, Anthony Abruzzo was predestined for greatness, sentenced to a life of power and fortune through his wants and vices alone. Alas, a wayward son, he’s fallen short of his family’s expectations, but… Ultimately, the life-long dream of respect and wealth lived on. Soon enough, it became everything to the man - and he’d stop at nothing, yield to no one, and hold nothing back to get what he truly desired. Born and raised within the streets of Boston, Abruzzo was surrounded by crime - born into an Italian mafia family, the cruel, lawless world was made bare to him at a young age, most of which he spent under the mentorship of his father and his fellow wiseguys. A rowdy and disobedient child, he was quick to reject the patronizing approach of his superiors, much preferring to remain on his own and focus on creating a cell in which he’d be the reigning body. Considered a family disappointment from there, by his late teens Anthony was already governing over a multi-racial crew while carefully treading the treacherous waters of the criminal underworld. Everything was fair game - as long as it paid well, and wouldn’t cause a misstep onto a bigger fish’s tail. As bridges were razed in the wake of Abruzzo’s illegal path, so did his crew crash and burn in the heat of the law enforcement’s successful pursuits. The seat was getting hotter and hotter with each passing day, and so the man realized it’s better to move on to a greener pasture - and as everyone knows, the grass is always greener on the other side. And so, East turned to West - and Los Santos, the city of opportunity, became Anthony’s newfound home. It was a new start - but a new beginning did not mean a change in old habits. Abruzzo remained as motivated as he’s always been, willing to work with anyone and anything, as long as the profit to his pocket was right. After having sought private, professional mental aid, having felt concerned regarding his social bounds with people, it’s been made clear to him that, in a way, Anthony was truly predestined to become who he was not by birth alone, but by biology just the same. Presenting callous unconcern for the feelings of others, if he considers them inferior to himself; showing irresponsibility and disregard to social norms, rules and obligations; having difficulty to maintain enduring relationships, even though he has no issue establishing them. That, topped by the admittance to having severely violent tendencies, has cemented him as a diagnosed sociopath. Today, Abruzzo is an opportunist and a lone wolf who remains ever so willing to do just about anything lucrative with little pity or remorse, blinded by his desire for success. Quotes: (NSFW) Gallery:
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