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  1. Honestly one glance at the staff and development team of this new iteration put me off it immediately. There are individuals in this team that singlehandedly made many of those great names you listed leave the community out of frustration - not going to name names (Kane). I wasn't part of SAMP LSRP for long enough in the 'good times' to really appreciate it, but I do know that it progressively went down hill with the further involvement of certain developers and members of the administration team even within the timeframe that I played. Competing with GTAW will be a tough task as it is, never mind the things you mention about Mmartin's inability to commit to the project, or lack of desire to. I don't know what the answer is unfortunately, the individuals that made the LSRP that people love(d) is not the LSRP roster that we have today.
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