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  1. I started roleplaying in 2009 on some basic light RP servers which didn't really offer what I wanted in terms of realism and complexity. That's when I joined RC:RP and began roleplaying in that community, I quickly progressed and managed to eventually become the Sheriff (leading position) in the Sheriffs Department, I also became a lead administrator and Head of Refunds for the community. Years passed and as all things it didn't last forever. I left the community on good terms and made a lot of good memories. The next chapter came when I joined LS:RP in 2012/2013 after a small break and actively roleplayed in that community for a couple of years where I managed to become a high ranking deputy in the Sheriffs Department and also lead the departments detective unit. Had a really great time and also went on to join the Police Department for some more indepth city roleplaying experiance as a Police Officer. I met some great people and made alot of fun memories which will last a life time. During the pandemic I sparked my urge to roleplay again and so I joined a GTA V RP community which I shall not name but I never felt at home there. So I am really looking forward to what this server will offer in terms of roleplay. Hey maybe it's time for new memories? Shout out to everyone who remembers me and a BIG shout out to EDB! Unknown - various RP communities(2009-2010) Anthony Kingston - RC:RP(2010 - 2012) - Lead Admin - Head of Refunds - ex-Sheriff of Red County Sheriffs Department - founding member of Bone County Sheriffs Department(served as Undersheriff) Julian Goode - LS:RP(2013 - 2018) - Deputy (Director of Detectives in SD) - Police Officer (Uniformed Investigator) One love.
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