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  1. NNaughty Girlz Generation of the Lkady Yøungz a.k.a Young Ladyz - Present day the feminine side of the 2NGC's are more known for catching multiple gun smuggling charges, attempted murder and vehicular manslaughter has been filed upon the Lady Youngz of Cherry Side. The Ladyz are notorious for scamming and going on set up mission's for the Naughty Gangster Crips and inflicting pain and conflict with enemy hoods such as the Young Tiny Locs. Parkside Girlz Tiny Bam Bam #4/Kaila Winters was found dead infront of the Ramona Park area around 2:AM on 67th street. Victim was pronounced dead on the scene suffering multiple gunshot wounds to the neck and chest area. 25 year old Kaila Winters shot and killed leaving her family in extreme pain. Rumor has it was a retaliation from previous killing that occurred in the Springdale West Apartment Complex. The 2NGC celebrated the death of Kaila mourning her lost and tragic death, Bam Bam will forever be missed. Most of the group came about from being friends in school; living in the area came with the gang life, the posse quickly formed into a clique under the Naughty Nasty Gangster Crips. The cliques were formed as Cutthroat Girlz, Parkside Girlz, and Young Ladyz. While being under the Naughty Nasty Gangster Crips, the raise in fights in their school has gotten bigger by the day. Everyday a new suspension would happen within the group, some expelled for their past records. Present Day This is the latest generation of the feminine scene of the Naughty's. They are arguably the most respected by the younger generation of Lady Youngz. They used to be more active in the 2000’s and early 2010’s, before the leadership of the Naughty Nasty Crips was locked up for murder. When seen outside, they're usually enforcing and teaching hood politics, acting as mentors to the youth and may send them on money scheme's. Ramona Park Society The Artesia Blvd Apartments is known to be over saturated with drugs, gun distribution, and gang violence. In the early 1990's, the Artesia Blvd apartments was raided by police task force for drug trafficking, over 7 pounds of marijuana and eighteen kilo's of cocaine was found in several apartment buildings. The suspects that were found guilty claimed a primarily African-American street gang located within the area of Artesia and Ramona Park known as the N/S Naughty Gangster Crips also known as (2NGC). Youth Growing up in Ramona, teenagers are influenced by the fast & lavish lifestyle of gang-banging, murder, and vandalism presented by the Naughty Gangster Crips. Due to chaos being showcased in the area cliques were formed by youngsters committing a mass of robberies and home invasion's by a small group called the Cutthroat Boyz. This gang has been linked to a string of crimes including shootings and homicidal murder. However, in 2007 this gang was received negative press coverage after a prosecutor persisted that a man on trial (Korey Price), in a Del Perro Hate Crime was a active member of the Naughty Nasty Gangster Crips. Price and nine other affiliates were charged with beating three women with melee weapons on Halloween night in the Northside of Del Perro. Victims suffered from many injuries such as facial bone fractures and bruises. Blood Shed In the early evening of January 22, 2022 at 5:43 PM officers of the Los Santos Police Department responded to a drive-by shooting on Morningwood Boulevard. Upon the arrival to the scene, officers spotted two individuals laying deceased on the street. The two individuals were reported to be 16 year old Darius King and 25 year old Tyson Miller. Officers were able to obtain CCTV footage from the incident that showed three masked males in a vehicle identified to be a Black Albany Emperor. Later in the evening, officers located the vehicle abandoned in an alleyway off Forum Drive in Davis.The vehicle consisted of many bullet holes on the passenger side of the vehicle and multiple shattered windows. Los Santos Police Detectives are still investigating the shooting and are currently still looking for the three individuals involved with this shooting. Police ask if there is any information regarding this shooting please contact 1-800-LSPD-TIP. Breach Of The Peace The Los Santos Police Department have many claims on home invasion's in the Morningwood area. Locals from the neighborhood advise for home owners to install house alarms and cameras. Many suspect teenagers around the area using bricks, hammers, and other blunt objects. The adolescents stealing valuable items and auctioning them off for their own profit. A alternative passive route to make cash is washing cars, merchandising sneakers, money laundering, and car theft. However, being inspired from their first generation, some of their habits being continued from exploiting their weaknesses like broken homes or poor environment to convince them of joining. The residents usually seek out gang initiations for money, respect, protection, etc. With most of the original Naughty Gangster Crips in prison, it’s up to the 2nd and 3rd generation gang members to carry out the deeds of the original leadership on the outside world. One evening in the Morningwood area a senior citizen screamed for help as she was being held at gunpoint by a young hoodlum on the 6500 Block of Cherry Avenue. Deandre "Maniac #5" Harp was found guilty on racketeering and attempted murder charges and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison without chance of parole for brutally assaulting 67 year old Meredith Walker on June 5th, 1987. According to the court documents and other provided information presented, Harp was found guilty on 1st degree murder on 17 year old Ramon Vera in July. Suspects claim it was a rival gang related crime and was planned due to evidence from a wire tap. Deandre had a re-trial and was sentenced to life in prison and hasn't been heard from since. Culturized Friend groups being born into the Artesia and the Rose Pointe Apartments, a lot of youth were imposed to scandals around the area. The generation went to the Mayfair High School and Middle School, while growing up most of the group fell apart due to internal animosity and aversion. One side of the friend group wanted power and leadership but the other didn't. In the process Cutthroat Boyz, and Youngin Crew was formed, three cliques under the 2 N's (Naughty Nasty). The groups quickly made their way into the game with harboring illegal weapons. When a well-respected member of Naughty Nasty died, conflict with the Chicanos began to escalate. Three members of Naughty Nasty, including Leonard Williams, jumped out of a black Asterope and began sprinting near the Longos 13 location, launching an aggressive attack. The three notices two Hispanics and begins firing rounds at them; in the process, one of the others decide to shoot back at the trio. Leonard was wounded twice in the upper abdomen, and he immediately collapsed to the ground and began yelling or help. The two sprint away and returned to the Asterope, speeding away from the scene. Leonard bled to death on the floor. Development within the teens in the Artesia area is very interesting to youth. Most of the teens develop from the adults' actions; smoking, tagging, joyrides, and more. A spike has happened in the Del Perro Probation Department being filled with teens; some being charged as adults for Murder, Armed Robbery, Armed Burglary, and even Reckless Homicide. Heart of Ramona Ramona hasn't been the same every since Stacey "NNewborne Scrap#6" Armstrong was gunned down in an alley way on 67th and Cherry Avenue. The story of Stacey is sadly a gruesome tale to be told, Stacey was found in a alley spitting up blood suffering a buckshot to the torso area at 7 PM. Once news broke to the streets of Ramona Park that Stacey died on the scene, resident's of the Artesia Blvd Housing complex began to riot and rage through the streets demanding justice for Scrap #6. Armstrong's funeral was held at a church on a Saturday, shots from a machine-gun poured through through the windows causing the funeral to be canceled. Stacey was cremated instead sending his loved ones in rage and left without a way to grieve. Operation: Naughty By Nature In the northern side of Morningwood, SA - 3 alleged members of the Naughty Nasty Gangster Crips gang were indicted on drug trafficking, possession of illegal firearm, conspiracy, murder and assault with a deadly weapon charges on March 3, 2007. Four other defendants were already in custody prior to this indictment, U.S. Attorney Earl Myers stated, "This is the second federal indictment filed on the Naughty Gangster Crip gang members who terrorize the Artesia Blvd apartments with drug dealing, gun violence, and witness intimidation. We continue to root out the drivers responsible for these violent crimes, those found guilty will be held accountable for the destruction of our citizens.". The defendants now face decades in federal prison without the possibility of parole-ever. The following defendants charged from Operation: Naughty By Nature: Terrence Hill, a/k/a O Whack, age 29; Daniel Wallace, a/k/a Tiny Bone, age 36; Christopher Hickens, a/k/a MK Smash, age 22; Darnell Pittman, a/k/a Puppet, age 29; Kenneth Powell, a/k/a JB, age 33; Xavier Finney, a/k/a Spike, age 27; Devon Marshall, a/k/a NNutty, age 30; United States Attorney Earl Myers commended the FBI and the Del Perro Police Department for their work in the investigation and thanked the Drug Enforcement Administration, the LBTF, and the Del Perro Crash Unit for their assistance. Allies and Rivals The Naughty Nasty Gangster Crips are affiliated under the 3x card, also known as the Gangster Crip card. They are close allies with the Insane Crip Gang, and can sometimes be heard saying “2365” as an alliance, since the 2NN’s are on 65th Street and the Insanes are on 23rd Street. They also share close relations with the Blacc Bandit Crips and the 19th Street Gangster Crips. They heavily feud with every Vespucci gang under the Deuce (2x) card, such as the N/S Bricc Boy Crips, Rollin Crip 20s-100s, Boulevard Mafia Crips, Longo 13, and other sureno gangs.
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