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    The Jungles

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    The Jungles

    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Background The Black P Stones are a predominately African-American street gang located in the Chamberlain district of South Los Santos. The Jungle Stones, a recently founded Los Santos chapter, are known to be involved in a variety of violent crimes to include murder, assault, robberies, narcotics violations, and firearms violations. The street gang was established in the late 1960s by O.O.O.G. T-Rodgers of Chicago, a former member of the Black Stone Rangers. With the permission of the “Main 21” a term used to describe the original twenty-one leaders of Chicago gangs who agreed to merge with the Blackstone Rangers, T. formed a chapter of the “Almighty Black P Stone Nation”, who at the time, and contrary to popular belief, were in fact a community-based and backed organization and not a lawless gang; somewhere along the way, unfortunately, this would change. Under T.'s leadership, the Black P Stones became affiliated with and founding members of the Bloods, mortal enemies of the predominant Crips. In 1972, the LS Brims, Piru St Boys, Athens Park Boys, Bishops, Denver Lanes, Pueblos and Lueders Park Hustlers founded the Bloods after constant attacks on independent gangs by the Crips in addition to Crip and Crip rivalries that also began to surface. While they may be a set of bloods, the Black P Stones are one of the few blood gangs in Los Santos that represent the five. BPS, in later years, joined the Bloods movement and founded their own factions. The Black P Stones would thrive in "The Jungles" and become over five-hundred members strong, eventually controlling the largest territory of any other black gang in Los Santos. At their peak, the Black P Stones became one of the most feared and infamous gangs in Los Santos if not the entire United States. The Jungles & The Bity The Jungles, an area on Forum Drive centralized around various apartment complexes, neighbors to the renowned B.J. Smith Park. The B.J. Smith Recreational Center and Park was once a joyous area for children and adults alike. Known to host one of the most famous skatepark's in Los Santos alongside its beautiful baseball field. While mostly harmless, the area is responsible for get togethers by some of the most lethal surrounding gangs of the city. Locals who visit the park are rarely pressed by gang bangers in the area, however common folk activity is on a decline following a shooting in early 2018, which local authorities explain as "a nightmare". Rumors of a targeted escalation was responsible for a shooting that cleared a crowd of twenty plus on the basketball courts. A believed hit between rivals, which resulted in the death of one innocent female bystander and two opposing gang members. Many in attendance were taken to the hospital for their injuries following this dispute. The community remains outraged with these unsolved murders. The Sheriffs Department claims to be working diligently asking for people to come forward with any potential leads. The Black P Stones Bity is located in the West Adams/Mid City district of Los Santos. Which runs from Washington Blvd to Adams Blvd, between Crenshaw and Arlington. The Santa Monica Freeway runs thru the center of their neighborhood. Some of the cliques are found on 21st Street, 25th Street, 27th Street and 29th Street. The Stones have established ties to other Blood gangs in South Los Santos, as well as prison gangs. However, a majority of the newer generation of Black P Stones choose to remain No Kutt behind bars, meaning they retain their outside affiliations in the streets as opposed to cliquing up. This however, doesn't limit their peace and truce in the county. For example, they have a strong and close-knit relationship with the Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods referred to as the "Rollin Stones" alliance. The Black P Stones once approached the Rollin 20s to become members of BPSN in the past (Black P Stone Nation), but both preserved their loyalties. Operation: Red Dawn In the month of May, 201 Seventy-Five Members and Associates of the Black P-Stones Street Gang Charged with Narcotics Violation. Over 900 officers and agents participated in the execution of pre-dawn arrest and search warrants targeting members and associates of the Black P-Stones street gang, announced Steven Martinez, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI in Los Santos; André Birotte Jr., United States Attorney for the Central District of San Andreas (Los Santos); Chief Charlie Beck of the Los Santos Police Department; Los Santos City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich; and Special Agent in Charge, Jim Todak, of Housing and Urban Developments Office of the Inspector General. Over 50 arrest warrants were served primarily in the southwest area of Los Santos. Twenty-five state search warrants were also executed during today’s early morning operation, known as Operation Red Dawn, as it relates to the targeting of the Black P-Stones, a faction of the notorious Bloods street gang. Seventy-five members and associates of the Black P-Stone Bloods were identified for arrest during this investigation that lasted over one year. Twenty-one defendants were charged in 15 indictments returned by the federal grand jury sitting in the United States District Court for the Central District of San Andreas with a variety of federal statutes relative to the possession and conspiracy to possess methamphetamine and cocaine base, also known as “crack.” An additional 54 state arrest warrants were filed with the Los Santos County District Attorney’s Office. A large share of the state defendants were arrested this morning; the remainder were already in custody on unrelated charges. An additional 20 individuals were arrested during the course of the lengthy investigation but are not included in today’s overall numbers. During the operation, the investigation had resulted in the seizure of 135.5 grams of PCP, 41.2 grams of methamphetamine, 25 kilograms of marijuana, 1.7 kilograms of cocaine and a vast variety of firearms. Assistant Director in charge Steven Martinez said, “The task force coordinated this joint effort to have the greatest impact on the landscape of the P-Stones’ gang-controlled neighborhood. The strategy involved dismantling the gang’s infrastructure by arresting the main players and by removing the businesses where gangs launch their criminal activity. By working jointly with the LSPD, the City Attorney and HUD, we have a chance to provide the community with an opportunity to move forward.” Allies & Rivals The Black P Stones have been known to wage war against various Crips and Hispanics. Most notably the Rollin (2x) gangs, such as the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips, the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, and the Rollin 50s Neighborhood Crips. Their most bitter rivalries come from the 30s and 40s cliques. Other Crip enemies include School Yard Crips, Mansfield Gangster Crips, Playboy Gangster Crips and the Geer Gang Crips. The Stones are active participants of the current power struggle between African-American and Hispanic gangs in Los Santos, rivaling sets such as the Mid City Stoners 13 and 18th Street Gang. Around some time in the 1970s, the LA Brims, Bishops, Piru St Boys, Denver Lanes, Athens Park Boys, Lueders Park Hustler and Pueblos founded the Bloods after an overwhelming amount of attacks on independent gangs led by their now infamous rivals, the Crips. Following the Crip and Crip rivalries that had also began to spring into action on the surface. the Black P Stones sometime in their later years decided to join in on the Bloods movement that was started and chose to found their own factions the Jungle Stones & city/Bity stones. Today, the Black P Stones are on decent terms with a large and vast variety of blood gangs scattered through-out South Central, Los Santos. That list contains but is no limited to dangerous sets such as Fruit Town Brims, the Rollin' 20 Neighborhood Bloods and so on. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Information Our main priority while roleplaying within this group is to portray a realistic Blood gang which consists of properly portrayed members lingering around Davis. Upon joining you must take into consideration and fully understand that your character no matter the age or sex is growing up the most dangerous parts of Los Santos in the midst of a gang violence crisis, we take character portrayal and development extremely serious and will not hold back from kicking you if you do not hold the same priorities as we do. You can be removed at any time if you are seen as un-fit. All members must abide by the rules the server has set for us players and if broken punishment will be handed out by Black P Stones' leadership. This faction is not fully open to the public and you have to contact one of the three leaders to get in. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or are seeking to joining the faction, feel free to private-message me S/O the homies @Wavy @LowDowns
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