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    On 4/30/2022 at 11:29 AM, BlueHunchosA1 said:

    Yes they're criminals but there's also a certain boundary that criminals are not supposed to cross over which is why they have the "street code".

    Crime has no boundaries and the street code stopped being a thing 20+ years ago, that's if it ever existed in the first place. As I said, there's no honor among thieves. Sorry to tell you this and break your heart, but honorable thugs aren't a thing, they're literally a myth.



















    During the 1970s and 1980s every Los Angeles street gang had its trademark. The Hoovers, or at least one contingent of them, were known for their ritualistic gang rapes

    IDK about u bro, but it definitely seems like the norm to me.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, BlueHunchosA1 said:

    😐 why do foreigners always have to involve some sort of sex crime on their thread, especially towards minors? Disgusting.


    why u so upset over one line of text that's really only there for the purpose of this faction's story, it's not like they're planning to RP that ingame, get over it bro. it's not even about being foreign, it's about knowing gang culture. Not all of us sugar coat it and act like gangs are more honorable than they really are. It's criminals we're talkin about buddy, there's no honour among thieves. Gang members are some of the most disgusting fucks you'll ever come across and that's a proven fact.



    Could pull up some more if you'd like aswell.

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  3. Respect for not glorifying gang life and putting the shit that gangs actually do in ur story. Ignore the crybabies upset about a line of text, they're a bunch of weird people who like to romanticize criminal street gangs and act like they do no wrong. All Los Angeles street gangs (Yes, including Bloods, Crips & Surenos) are full of lowlives who go around shooting civilians, selling drugs to school kids, forcing women in their own communities into prostitution, committing sex crimes and just being pieces of shit in general. 


    My comment will likely get alot of snowflakes and gang romanticizers upset, but that's okay.

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  4. 17 hours ago, LowDowns said:

    If you actively do erotic rp because it interests you, you need to step outside and find some human interaction. "Character development" is a terrible argument cause if you're doing it to dev you might as well fade to black. It's weird to have a want and need to ERP.

    literally who gives a fuck lol stop tryna restrict rp cause ur offended by it. this is a roleplay server, let people roleplay.

  5. Just now, g1zmo said:

    I find it a little bit weird when people create gangs like Longos or ABZ with LB vibe, but using Vespucci as their hood. That’s the reason why revamped Cypress Flats and East Los at all would be fire

    Yeah, this is pretty much what Ive been saying. IMO gangs like Longos and ABZ dont belong in a place like Vespucci, for example alot of these LBC themed factions end up claiming 'Eastside' ICly because their real life counterparts do, when in reality they're literally on the westside. Which is why in my opinion, custom mapping is needed but only in areas like East LS and Cypress Flats (as a start atleast)

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  6. I'm not in favor of this for various reasons, but the main one is that it seems kind of pointless to make smoking weed IC a chore. Adding onto that, i'm a marijuana smoker irl who rarely ever smokes anything other than joints and I have no clue what a mixing board or a cone is or why they'd be needed for the act of rolling plant matter up in a piece of paper and lighting it on fire.

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  7. On 3/4/2022 at 9:29 AM, g1zmo said:

    and some are not represented in the game at all (Long Beach). This is often the reason why players create factions in areas that are not created for gang RP (Vespucci Beach, Morningwood, most of the Mirror Park, etc.). It becomes very crowded with time and players literally have to fight for a COUPLE OF HOUSES.

    just to correct you, gang rp does indeed fit in Vespucci Beach, but Long Beach Gangs don't fit there. Long beach gangs would fit more in Cypress Flats or somewhere near El Burro Heights, because that area is geographically based on Long Beach.

  8. As much as map additions would be cool, factions/gangs should fill up the areas that already exist first imo. There's plenty of areas across LS, not to mention that IRL, gangs aren't limited to South Central. There's gangs from Hollywood to Venice Beach irl. It'd be cool to see some West LA inspired gangs being made in West LS, or oldschool Hispanic gangs in El Burro and the surrounding areas

  9. I understand what you're saying about WoW RP, I've played WoW RP for a few years myself, but you generally have to remember that even though there was at some point an LSRP-esque private server that did something cool with character kills and made ic violence actually meaningful, that WoW is a completely different platform. You can't scriptwisely kill a fellow roleplayer on WoW unless he/she is in the opposite faction, so any IC deaths on that server, in my opinion atleast, likely took place between members of the same faction (Horde/Alliance etc) and these IC deaths likely required not only the compliance of the victim, but sometimes even the permission of the victim.


    On GTA it's alot different. Technically I could just stroll up to you and casually shoot you for nothing no matter who u are and that counts as one of your 'lives', or even worse, CK's your character until you report me, get the report handled and the death voided. That can't really happen on WoW, In my opinion it'd just create alot more problems than it'd be worth. What works on WoW, in my opinion wouldn't work here.

  10. My only closing comment is to say again that many factions (including my faction, MS-13) are meant to be portrayals of notorious California street gangs. My faction's history is very much inspired by the Mara Salvatrucha's real life history and as a result, California existing would put a massive plot hole in my faction's storyline and history and as a result, we're not going to be acknowledging California as an existing state regardless of any administrative ruling, it makes little sense in our opinions for us to be forced to roleplay the state existing as an island and that our gang (MS-13) was formed in two different states at the same time, which just wouldn't happen.


    In real life, the Mara Salvatrucha first appeared in Koreatown, Los Angeles. On LSRP, we roleplay the MS-13 as having originated in Little Seoul, Los Santos and Los Angeles (Along with California in general) does not exist.


    One thing I don't 100% agree with though is the thing about other GTA cities. If we're trying to tell the admins to let us roleplay California not existing, we should still be able to mention and roleplay the existence of places like Liberty City, Vice City and San Fierro (Not with GTA Lore histories, though), I for instance, am not going to be roleplaying the existence of ANY cities that have a GTA equivelent, to me, NY is LC, Miami is VC, Las Venturas is Vegas and San Fierro is Francisco.

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  11. My faction's real life counterpart dips its fingers into illegal gambling and things of that nature in real life California, it's something we're planning to replicate and I believe other criminal factions will also try to get involved in things like illegal gambling, it being ICly illegal on the server would be very beneficial for the illegal scene in my opinion.

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  12. 12 minutes ago, Jeremias723 said:

    some ped's can, okay, some can't. It is a job to go testing which one can, that does not have bugs

    All of them can. Each pedestrian model in the game was made with several alternative faces and outfits, and unlike Gta Online skins, they're completely bug free.

  13. On 2/16/2022 at 5:09 AM, Quicky said:

    I also think it should remain illegal. I feel like, it will be hard for illegal roleplayers to compete with a licensed business, given that businesses don't really get taxed and also have a consistent supply of goods. Though I cannot be certain, in my opinion it would cause certain circumstances to come to existence that would complicate an illegal roleplayer's investments and participation in the black market instead of boosting them.

    I see where you're coming from but I gotta disagree with you. Sure, it'll be hard for illegal rpers to compete with the legal marijuana scene, but it's generally hard for them to compete in real life. Most gang members IRL sell heavier drugs nowadays like meth, crack, coke and pcp for that exact reason, all it'd do in my opinion is open up more avenues for roleplay. Selling weed IRL isn't very profitable and if I'm being honest weed dealers in LA just sell bags of reggie (poor quality weed, usually grown out in the woods and/or in national parks) for like $20 a pop.

  14. 4 minutes ago, LeNova said:

    Are you sure?


    It's fine if you want to tell us that we changed your opinion about it over time.


    From the same reply.


    'IDRC if its banned, but everything else should stay as it is' has been their entire point from the beginning if I'm not mistaken.

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