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  1. LOS SANTOS TIMES Two Men Indicted in Connection with a Gun Trafficking Conspiracy Operating in Los Santos ARMS TRAFFICKING / 8 JUN 2021 BY JENNIFER NEWELL Two defendants have been indicted on federal criminal charges for their alleged role in a central Los Santos firearms trafficking ring suspected of active arms import and trafficking. On Wednesday, federal prosecutors in Los Santos charged two defendants suspected of trafficking dozens of what they call ''ghost guns'' to Los Santos. Amir 'Mujahid' Labidi and Ricky 'Traps, Nash, both linked to Hakaryan Criminal Organization have been involved in the sale of estimated 40 handguns of what appears to be 'ghost guns'. ''An increasing number of guns that lack serial numbers have been flooding the streets of Los Santos in the latest couple of years'', says Lieutenant Jake Blossom. Mujahid Labidi and Traps Nash were both arrested and put into custody before making an initial court appearance in Los Santos. Indictment Charges 4 With Money Laundering Nov 6 2021 LOS SANTOS, NOV 6 - Four people who have been involved in money laundering have been convicted. They were accused of partnering with a crew associated with the ‘Hakaryan Criminal Organization’. The U.S Justice Department found enough evidence to charge the people for money laundering. However due to insufficient evidence, the crew linked to the organization were left uncharged. Four people were convicted for money laundering today since their arrest on May 18 2021, after being suspected of laundering over a million dollars. The indictment had included the that the people were working with a crew linked with the infamous ‘Hakaryan Criminal Organization’. They were suspected due to recent meetings between the four people and some of the members of the crew, as the prosecutors stated. However, the prosecutors were unable to prove any connection due to insufficient evidence. “We are indubitably saddened by the jury’s decision on not convicting the crew that has the foremost connection to this serious crime. However, we will not cease to pursue and uncover the sufficient hard evidence that will bring them down eventually. For now we will be pleased by the decision of the court in convicting the main perpetrators of this crime. ”, said the main prosecutor Abraham Hammington. The four people were found guilty due to suspicious transactions that were later to be proven to come from illegal sources, according to the released court report by the Los Santos Court of Justice. The Los Santos Times was able to reveal that one of the convicted was working and held a high position in the Los Santos Bank and could therefore help the rest of his group in fabricating false transaction papers. The papers that were used as evidence in court show that the money laundering was occuring for at least three years before the suspicion. “This is indeed something we will seriously investigate. We cannot tolerate such crime, not only due to our principles that we believe in but most importantly because of the trust that we have from our customers. Such crime was not only an attack on our banking system, but a hard violation of what we stand for.”, said the LS bank manager Aaron Herthow. OOC INFO: The Labidi Crew is an association of criminals of different nationalities, specialized in arms import. This faction is still under development in-game which means that we obviously take character development very seriously. We urge those who are interested to have decent knowledge and standards with weapons and gun trafficking. Send 'skipped church to do coke' a PM for more information or any inquiries.
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