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  1. A couple of weeks ago, my game started crashing. When I tried to install a GPS in my car, it would get a few minutes in and then crash. Then it started getting worse. It would crash about 5 minutes into playing the game. I deleted client resources, replaced the scripthook because I was told this could be causing it. Then, when rage loaded, the screen would be completely black. I turned off CEF rendering and this fixed the black screen issue. But then I could see that the game was crashing after the handshake part of loading. I had mods for single player on my GTA and incase this was the reason, I bought a new GTA on Steam. When I next tried to load into the game it worked and I was able to play for a few hours until I crashed again. Now, I can’t get past the handshake part of loading. I have installed rage over 15 times, putting it in different folders and discs on my PC but nothing is working. I have no idea what is causing it not to work and any help would be really appreciated.
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