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  • How To Play LS-RP on SA-MP


    1. Get San Andreas Multiplayer 0.3DL

    You must own a copy of Grand Theft Auto SA (version 1.0), and have SA-MP 0.3DL installed.


    2. Create a LS-RP Account

    Head over to our Control Panel and create an account. You'll be required to pass a short Roleplay quiz to assess your knowledge. You can use our Rules to help you answer the questions.


    3. Submit a Character Application

    Via the control panel, create a new character application. Write a background story describing your Character and wait for it to be accepted. You'll be alerted via e-mail about the outcome of your application. If you get denied, don't be discouraged! Our team will provide you with feedback on what to improve, so you get accepted next time.


    4. Connect

    Find "Los Santos Roleplay" in the Internet directory, or click on the "Add Server" (checkmark icon) in the Favorites tab. Enter "server.ls-rp.com:7777" as the IP. Hit CONNECT. On the login screen, enter your LS-RP Account Name ("a.k.a UCP name") and password.


    5. Enjoy!

    Take your time to explore and enjoy the game. Make sure you're aware of the aforementioned rules so you don't spoil your experience. If you're struggling to connect, you can ask for help in the #help channel our Discord server.

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