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  1. Dxrt Bob


    DIRT GANG BREAKDOWN — The Rollin 30 Harlem Crips (R30) also known as “Dirt Gang” (DG) or Dirty Money Boys (DMB) / Dirt Money Girlz, or sometimes known as the Original Harlem Crips (OHC) is a reputable set that resides in Los Santos, San Andreas. The 30s mostly consist of African Americans and individuals of Belizean Creole descent, although you will find quite a bit of Hispanics here and there. The OHCs comprise a few cliques like the Avenues, Denker Park, 35th Street, 36th Street, 37th Street, 38th Street and 39th Street. They usually go by the blue flag but sometimes they can be seen with some brown flags here and there. Although the Rollin 30s are a street gang they dabble in Organized Crime and that’s what makes the 30s more versatile and different when it comes to other street gangs. The R30s fall under the Rollin 0's umbrella and unlike the 40’s - 100s they don’t claim Neighborhood and are strictly Rich Rollin, this makes them one of the few Rollin Crip sets that does not claim NHC, this doesn’t stop them from cliquing up with the Rollin 40s though. The Rollin' 30s Harlem Crips have had a long history with other sets who they have battled with and gotten cool with to prove themselves. They claim all of the NHCs as allies and as previously mentioned before they are cliqued up with the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, they also have managed to expand their connections throughout Los Santos and solidify alliances with the Four Tray Gangster Crips, Four Deuce Gangster Crips, Four Eight Gangster Crips, East Coast Crips, and the Rollin 100s. For the contentions though, the Rollin' 30s Harlem Crips rival against The Rollin' 20s Neighborhood Bloods, Black P Stones, School Yard Crips, 53 Avalon Gangster Crips, All Hoover Criminals, All Brim Blood Sets, All Gangster Blood Sets (Heavily including Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods.) BELIZEAN ANCESTRY — Since the 1960s, individuals have left Belize and advanced toward American shores. One of the significant center points of Belizean foreigners has been South Los Santos, all the more especially, the Western, Normandie, and Vermont hallways. Belizeans began joining South LS posses in the 1980s, mixing Black culture with their own local culture. Nowadays, essentially every pack from Venice to Florence among Vermont and Crenshaw is prevalently Belizean. Packs that brag hefty Belizean enrollment incorporate the Fruit Town Brims, Rollin 30s Crips, 52 Hoover Gangsters, Trouble Gangster Crips, Van Ness Gangsters, Rollin 20s Bloods, Rollin 40s Crips, and Black P Stones. DIRTY THIRTIES — The Dirt Money Boyz / Dirt Money Girlz commit a large scale of crimes, from home invasions to burglary, robbery, murder, drug trafficking, and believe it or not despite them being a street gang the Rollin 30s dabble in organized crime and move as an organization in some instances. This is what makes the Rollin 30s unique and what helps them consist of more variety when it comes to other sets in Los Santos. Nowadays with petty scam methods and fraudulent crimes taking over the streets, you will often find the younger individuals participating in petty scams, carding, and just fraudulent activity in general. The Rollin 30s are more money-oriented and they are currently on the rise when it comes to rappers like ‘Johnny Rose’ ‘DMB Dai’ and other rappers. They are heavily known for their musical influence in Los Santos. After numerous more established individuals from the Rollin' 30 Harlem Crips who were there for direction got detained because of the prosecution set down on the group, the exercises eased back down briefly. The Rollin 30s Harlem Crips used to claim “DNA” which stands for Denker Parc, Thirty-Ninth Street, and Avenues. This is more of an older tradition and you won’t catch any of the younger ones claiming DNA anymore, the newer generation of the 30s claim Dirt Money Boyz (DMB), or for the HGs (Home-Girls) they claim Dirty Money Girlz (DMG). The name Dirt Gang originated from a diss to the Rollin 30s, rival gangs use the name ‘Dirties” to diss the Harlem Crips but the Rollin 30s figured out how to embrace the moniker. Unlike some Crip hoods in Los Santos, the Rollin 30s don’t groove with any Blood sets and often push the term ‘NSA’ which stands for ‘No Slobs Allowed’ (Diss to all Bloods) and often show strong hate for all Damu sets, especially the neighboring ones. Such as the Rollin 20s NHB, Fruit Town Brims, Van Ness Gangster Brims, and the Harvard Park Brims. The Rollin 30s often sport different kinds of logos and brands to represent where they are from. The Minnesota Twins is a logo that represents a TC (Thirty Crip), they also often wear Detroit Tigers gear which can stand for Denker Park, or Dirt Gang, Texas Rangers which can represent the Thirties, Los Angeles Angels or any ‘A’ hat can represent Avenues and Houston Rockets which can represent ‘Rollin’. Other hats and brands are also worn as well but these are just the basic brands that can be found around the area and are commonly worn. 18 Year Old Khai Mcgee a/k/a CrxpOffWestern (Rollin 30s) Marquise Gordon (East Coast Crip Snitch) 20 Year Old Malik Powell a/k/a OhBkoy#5 (Rollin 30s) GRAB AND GO — Amid May 2021, a pair of criminals received a lengthy sentence for a botched robbery which resulted in a fatal injury in Beverly Heights, L.S. On March 4th, 2021 a team of money-hungry delinquents rode up to a rich suburb in L.S in search of a potential robbery victim, they would scower the sidewalk until they eventually found their victim and started executing their plan. Their victim was a middle-aged high-end male eating lunch at the II Pastaio restaurant near 2 PM. He was wearing a casual outfit that included a $500,000 rose-gold Richard Mille watch which was the reason for him being targeted. The three robbers walked up to the male and aimed a firearm at the victim, the male chose not to cooperate and instead grabbed the firearm, as they tussled for the gun, the male was repeatedly beaten over the head multiple times with the bottom of another firearm. The firearm that was being fought over accidentally went off striking a nearby victim in the leg. The robbery was supposed to be a simple in and out or grab and go as it happened in broad daylight in front of a lot of witnesses. Not to mention the robbery was also performed in Beverly Hills, one of the most populated places in LS, the robbery was executed right next to a busy road with a lot of surveillance cameras. This was a very bold and brazen robbery that seemed to not be thought out completely and it was a high-risk high reward crime. Even with the odds against them, they still ultimately got away with the watch and fled in a BMW which was suspected to be stolen. The Beverly Hills Police Department arrived on the scene within 90 seconds but they were out of luck as the suspects were already gone. The entire Beverly Hills PD got to work on the case but it wasn’t only them, the FBI took part in the investigation as well. Long story short, they were able to arrest 3 of the 5 individuals who were involved with this armed robbery. 30-year-old Marquise Gordon, 18-year-old Khai Mcghee, and 20-year-old Malik Powell were caught and arrested. At the time they were each facing up to 20 years in prison, with the usage of CCTV cameras and multiple other surveillance devices the FBI and the Beverly Hills PD were able to catch the suspects. Both paramedics & Beverly Hills PD arrived to assist the injured woman and to talk with the victim, Malik Powell, Khai McGhee & Marquise Gardon all pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 12 years by a federal judge for the armed robbery & shooting. Marquise Gordon on the other hand allegedly cooperated with the police to get some time off of his back, he ratted his two accomplices out. Malik Powell and Khai McGee were members of the Rollin 30s, while Marquise Gardon was from East Coast Crip. OPERATION THUMBS DOWN — In 2010, the Rollin 30 Harlem Crips were the reason for more than 1,000 robberies inside the Los Santos Province area. In 2013, almost 100 cops caught an immense bundle of the Harlem 30s in Operation Thumbs Down, a 30-month examination that zeroed in on people of the Rollin 30 Harlem Crips. The assessment was begun in 2011 to target people of the Rollin' 30s because of the viciousness and ruin they were unleashing inside the Los Santos district. They were known for a ton of viciousness inside the local area where they guarantee as to their domain. During the assessment, the law requirement discovered how much the gathering was remembered for drug appropriation all through Los Santos. As effectively communicated the group has various sets and coteries that different various pieces of the pack. Each set cases unmistakable domains all through the group's by and large guaranteed region and has its huge homies. During the Operation Thumbs Down examination, these huge homies are who law implementation followed. Around 21 individuals from the road group were arraigned governmentally in Los Santos and from that point forward more than 100 individuals from the posse were accused of weapon and opiate infringement regarding Operation Thumbs Down.
  2. SOS W/S Sons of Samoa Gangster Crip is a predominantly Samoan and Polynesian street gang, located in Vespucci. With the influx of Samoan American immigrants during 1962, Polynesian youth gangs and cliques did not take long to form, however Sons of Samoa was established in the early 1980's. These youth gangs made up of local Polynesian Americans and other community members occurred as a result of the racial division and targeting from rival gangs such as the infamous E/S Longos 13 that was all so common for the poverty stricken neighbourhoods at the time. With the W/S Sons of Samoa Gangster Crips being primarily of Samoan or Polynesian descent, it is not uncommon to see affiliates of Asian or African-American descent. Due to Polynesian's overwhelming sense of unity and familial connections, it is common to mistake a W/S Sons of Samoa Crip member for a civilian, on account of their typically friendly nature, only changing upon provocation or intoxication. The W/S Sons of Samoa Crips, despite being extremely Americanized are still in-touch with their Polynesian heritage and underlying culture, they are Christian and often deeply religious and it is not uncommon for some members to speak Samoan, being taught by their parents and various community members. W/S Sons of Samoa Gangster Crips can be commonly seen sporting the Seattle Mariners logo, representing their gang with baseball caps, shirts and accessories labelled with the blue 'S'. Dark blue rags are also used to represent their Crip affiliation. The W/S Sons of Samoa Gangster Crip's are heavily involved and hold an alliance with the Asian Boyz, due to their location and similar sense of community and unification. Sons of Samoa are also involved with the SEA alliance, consisting of the Suicidal Town Crips, Exotic Family Crips and Asian Boyz. Sons of Samoa have a rather long list of rivalries, including all Samoan Piru gangs such as W/S Carson Piru and Scottsdale Piru. Other rivals consist of the E/S Longos 13, Rollin 20's Crips, Rollin 80's Crips and the W/S Rollin 60's Crips. OOC INFORMATION W/S Sons Of Samoa Gangster Crip is a faction based on the the real life Sons of Samoa gang based in Long Beach, a Polynesian street gang. We are aiming to portray realistic Polynesian-American gang-bangers and an accurate portrayal of a Los Angeles street gang. Upon joining, it is expected members to be well informed of LA gang politics, as well as a good understanding of the Sons of Samoa street gang and Polynesian culture. Reach out to @SupremeUso with any questions or an invite to the discord.
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