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  1. Rollin 100s The Rollin 100s Crips (R100s), also known as the Rich Rollin 100s (RR100s) consist of many street gangs located on the Westside of Los Santos. Their presence is well known on the Westside of Los Santos, being one of the largest, strongest street-gangs located on the Westside. The Rollin 100s went through many trials & tribulations to claim territory in the Westside Los Santos area. The Rollin 100s are one of the first spin off gangs from the Westside Crips, turning into the Rollin 100s, along with the sub-sets under them, Neighborhood Crips, Raymond Avenue Crips, Underground Blocc Crips, and Original Blocc Crips and plenty more. During this time, Los Santos became a gang hotbed, with Blood, Brim, and Piru’s coming out of the cuts, starting problems with the Crips. With all of the battles they have gone through, they have an alliance with gangs under the Neighborhood Crip Card (2x), along with all gangs under the Rollin O’s card. The Rollin 100s carry several gangs that are under the Rollin 100s umbrella, the gangs go as far as the 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips, 111 Neighborhood Crips, Budlong Gangster Crips, 107 Original Blocc Crips, 113 Original Blocc Crips, Underground Blocc Crips. The Original Blocc Crips and Underground Blocc Crips also fall under the Rollin 100s umbrella. The Rollin 100s are allies of the East Coast Crips, East Side Hustler Crips, Tonga Crip Gang, and are allies of all Neighborhood/Rollin Crip gangs. Rollin 100s Underground Blocc Crips The Rollin 100s Underground Blocc Crips, also known as the Blue Flame Gang are a primarily African-American street gang located on the Westside of Los Santos. This gang is one of the largest and notable ones in the Rollin 100s, along with the Original Blocc Crips, which we won't be roleplaying. The main cliques are 103rd, 105th, and 107th. Although they have those cliques, members from UG tend to claim “108th” or “V8.” V8 is a term given to 108th Street, the home of the OBC and the UGC’s. Both gangs (OBC x UGC) claim V8, it’s just a Blocc Crip thing. The Underground Crips are allies of all Rollin O’s and Neighborhood Crips. Their rivals are Black P. Stones, Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods, Family Gangster Bloods, and basically any other faction that falls under the Blood, Brim, Piru moniker. Although they beef with a lot of bloods, they still show animosity towards Crip gangs such as the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, 99 Mafia Crips, and the 111 Neighborhood Crips even though they’re affiliated with the Neighborhood Crips. This set also has a long history of beefing with Hoover Criminals, specifically the 107 and 112, which they call themselves the Gunnas. They also feuded with the Watergate Crips over a gang-affiliated tagging. When the Underground Crips had first started pushing for more territory in 1975, Chu Chu, an alleged member of the Underground Crips, wrote “UGC Chu Chu” on one of the walls. Shortly after, Big Chop from the Watergate Crips had turned the U into a W and crossed out Chu Chu’s name. The Undergrounds and Watergates fought all the way until 1992, and at one point of time, were number one enemies. Another feud that the Underground Crips had were with the Raymond Avenue Crips. This feud started over a pistol that wasn’t even involved with Underground, but things escalated, and it turned into a heated rivalry. At one point in time, the Underground Crips were a big family, with relatives from Hoovers, Eight Tray, and many others. People then started getting on the Underground Crips because they were hanging around the Rollin 60s, which at the time were one of the most hated gangs. This made the Underground Crips feud with many other gangs, even though they used to be a small set. The youth of the Underground Blocc Crips are heavily influenced by the internet. The internet is the easiest way to get taken down by the LSPD, but yet, gangbangers still do it. Some don’t, but most do. They love to show off themselves and their lifestyles on the internet. It’s also a way to interact with enemy and allied gangs, you can easily see a live Instagram story and know exactly where someone is if they move sloppy enough. This generation of the Underground Blocc Crips are what some call “net bangers.” Even though they cause havoc in the streets, they still decide to net bang. You’d see their hood days, party advertisements, and plenty other things on the internet. Even videos of themselves with guns in their enemies territories. #100Days100Nights The Rollin 100’s and the Hoover Criminals were already on horrible terms during the years before the #100Days100Nights hashtag. The #100Days100Nights hashtag started trending in the summer of 2015, and became one of the most violent acts in the city of Los Santos. This hashtag started from two known street gangs, the Hoover Criminals, and Hoover Gangster Crips and the Rollin 100’s. It wasn’t only those two gangs in this though, other street gangs from Los Santos decided to step in the war, and bring even more attention then there already was in the streets of Los Santos. This hashtag started over the death of Kenneth “KP” Peevy. Kenneth was an 27 year-old African-American male that was shot and killed on Covenant Avenue and Brouge Avenue, according to the Los Santos coroner’s records. The Los Santos Police Department went over to the gang-affiliated area after getting a call about gunshots being fired. When the Officers arrived they saw 27 year-old Kenneth Peevy on the floor with several gunshot wounds in his upper torso. He was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the coroner's records. It was believed that KP’s death had something to do with a fist fight Peevy was involved in with a rival gang. Afterwards, the rivals were angry enough to pick up a gun and shoot Peevy. This shooting is said to have sparked the violent online challenge between the Hoover Criminals and the Rollin 100’s: a race to kill as many rivals as they can in a 100 day and night period. That’s where the hashtag #100Days100Nights comes into play. Members from both Rollin 100’s and the Hoover Criminals said that it would remain on for 100 Days and 100 Nights, and innocent people should stay away from both Covenant and Forum Drive, because they can be risking their lives. “The LSPD says the city of Los Santos had its deadliest August since 2007, and 39 people were killed just last month. The search continues for the suspects of Kenneth Peevy’s murder which took place on Covenant and Brouge Avenue.” - Los Santos Times.
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