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  1. 415 KUMI Nation and its history: 415 Kumi Nation was formed in the mid 80's by members of the Black Guerilla Family, a well established African American prison gang. Prior to it's creation, the founding members became unsatisfied with Black Guerilla Family's leadership, splitting from the ground and forming KUMI or K.A.N.O (KUMI AFRICAN NATION ORGANIZATION). This led to a couple of discrepancies between the two groups, but in the end they stand united. 415 Kumi has had alliances with both Blood and Crips leading up to Stanley Tookie Williams III's execution.. Stanley was known to be the founder of Crips and was known to have left that life behind as he was serving his time in San Quentin State Prison. He was executed by lethal injection six days before his 52nd birthday. Stanley has published books and spoke to the media about his reformed lifestyle. He had no violations at the time of his death. 415 is the area code for parts of California's Bay area. They began using the Swahili word "KUMI" (Koo-me) meaning "10" (the sum of 415 is 10.) Since the creation of KUMI, they have grown in numbers. There are documented KUMI members in every Prison within California. 415 Kumi Nation only recruited black inmates from California's Bay Area, but now recruits from Black gangs all over California. One of the most popular tattoos among members of Kumi 415 depicts a yero, or African Warrior, rising up out of an outline of the continent of Africa. In his left hand he holds a machine gun, and in his right he holds a flag bearing the numbers 415. These images reflect the African orientation of both the Black Guerrilla Family and the Kumi African Nation Organization, which both encourage their members to learn Mau Mau history and words drawn from the Swahili language, which they use to communicate with each other in ways that will not be accessible to outsiders. The bond between Kumi and Black Guerilla Family is known to have had problems in the past, but recently 415 Kumi Nation held recruitment pools for Black Guerrilla Family. The gang has been reported to use prison guards to authorize violence against fellow inmates, such as the case in August of 2003 when former correctional officer Leon Holston was charged with aiding and abetting, battery with serious bodily injury, filing a false report by a peace officer and unlawful communication with a prisoner. Cards: In the early 70's, most Crip gangs were allied & striving together making their main opponent the Bloods, which was until the late 70's when a fight broke out with a member from the Rollin 60s and a member from the Eight Tray Gangsters. The fist fight was nothing serious at first being that the 60s & ETGs were close at the time, but the Eight Tray Gangster Crip member had other plans; he pulled out a .9mm firearm and discharged it at the 60s member. Various Rollin 60s members drove into ETG territory asking them to give up the shooter; the ETG member recently hood-hopped so the ETGs were unfamiliar with his face, the 60s took it as they were trying to hide the shooter to protect him, this caused the ETGs and 60s to establish a large feud. This feud being the longest & most vicious Crip-on-Crip war that's still on-going till this day. The feud caused every Crip gang on the Westside to choose a side being the 2x Crips (Deuces/Neighborhood Crips) or 3x (Trays/Gangster Crips) which sparked and established various other Crip-on-Crip feuds in LS. • The 2X/Neighborhood Crips: The 2X Crips (Deuces) are a long-standing Crip card that's represented by dozens of Crip gangs, being they're 2X Crips they beef with the majority of 3X Crip gangs (Trays) aside from the 4 Pacc Gangster Crips located on the E/S (Aka Low Bottoms). Active Crips who fall under the 2X Crips are, Neighborhood Crips/Rollers (All sets, 20's-100's), West Boulevard Crips, East Coast Blocc Crips, Shoreline Crips, West Coast Crips (Long Beach) Blocc Crips & a handful of others. • The 3X/Gangster Crips: The 3X Crips (Trays) are a long-standing Crip card that's represented by dozens of Crip gangs, being they're 3X Crips they beef with the majority of 2X Crip gangs (Deuces). Active Crip gangs that fall under the 3X Crip Card are, Eight Tray Gangster Crips, Playboy Gangster Crips, Insane Crip Gang (Long Beach), Avalon Gangster Crips, Hoover Gangster Crips, etc. The Gangster Crips are the most spread out Crip card having various Gangster Crip sets throughout all of the US. • The 4X Crips: The 4X Crip card is a less popular Crip card, the 4X Crip Card is oriented outside of LS in places like Long Beach, etc. The 4X Crips have no direct enemies that target the 4X card specifically, every gang under the 4X Crip card has their own politics. The most popular Crip gang under the 4X card are the Blacc Bandit Crips located on the East Side of Long Beach. • The Mafia Crips: The Mafia Crips is another large card consisting of several notorious individual street gangs, that originated throughout South Los Angeles(South Central). The Mafia Crips can be found in different regions such as South Central, Rancho, and Long Beach. One of the most notorious Mafia Crip gangs are The Main Street Mafia Crips in South Central. • The Hub & Dub: The Hub and Dub card is a close alliance made up from the Carson Crips and West Rancho Crips that dates back to the 1980's. It was formed for gangs under that card to fight along side each other against their rival enemies in the Los Angeles County Jails. Some gangs that fall under The Hub & Dub card are Santana Blocc Carson Crips, Poccet Hood Carson Crips, Atlantic Drive Carson Crips, and the Grape Street Rancho Crips. African-American gang members typically retain their outside gang affiliations once admitted into a correctional facility, and associate themselves with one of the various black prison cards. In Modern day, the 'Black Car' doesn't operate like a militaristic prison group such as the Black Guerilla Family, but instead refers to a system of street-gang cards, which have their own card-to-card politics and rivalries. Each card has their own shot caller which dictates to the street gangs under it, and upon incarceration, members of African-American street gangs typically align with one of the Crip cards, or other various cards. • The Bloods: The Bloods card is a bit more complicated and differentiates from the Crip politics, when a Damu hits TTCF they're to choose Kutt or No Kutt meaning if they choose Kuttz they'll have to go under the United Blood Nation (UBN) and drop their original set they were banging outside of TTCF which is heavily frowned upon by other Damu's. If a Damu goes with No Kutt they'll continue to bang the set they've always banged (Piru, Blood, Black P. Stone, etc.) • The Groove-Line: The Groove-line card also known as the Hoover card is a card dedicated to the Hoover Criminal Gang, a large African-American street gang oriented in South Los Angeles. This being the Hoover Criminal Gang dropped from their Crip identity pushing the term EBK (Everybody Killer) therefore they claim cK (Crip Killer) & bK (Blood Killer) although they're friendly to various 3x Gangster Crip sets. OOC Information: This faction will be of prison roleplay in the Bolingbroke Correctional Facility, all recruitment is done strictly in character and to join we recommend you align with one of the various African-American street gangs on the server to join. We reserve our right to select the members that take part in this project. In order to be accepted into the faction, you need to showcase your knowledge on real life Los Angeles jail politics and your roleplay capabilities. We focus heavily on activity, so a very easy way of being integrated is to be active and to accept constructive criticism if needed from the faction's leaders. Any member that wishes to be apart of The Black Car has to join our discord and give his CK permissions to the Leaders and High Council of the faction. Any groups that wish to fall under The Black Car also reserve the CK permission of their faction members to the card leaders under The Black Car. Any questions or concerns or if you wanna ask questions, you can feel free to message: @[email protected]@MCLogg Credits: @[email protected] @The Hood Gave Me [email protected]
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