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  1. Years ago my nick on lsrp was PureRas, then I changed it to RomeoEyes, I got it cause people always said I want to take pics with my eyes looking weird like I'm a Romeo, so I just thought of RomeoEyes

  2. 1 hour ago, Redz said:

    looking forward to your character app


    on flight sim always for sure 

    Some pudding and souse, macaroni pie and ssome bake chicken, some mapps all the bajan food I ain't eat in a while and we got a deal

    Fa real iah, gotta wait til i recover from covid doa T_T 

  3. 6 hours ago, Flemwad said:

    Look who it is.  Nice to see you still around.


    Like wise brother! how are you man? 


    1 hour ago, Ace said:


    mah mans wa the word?


    13 minutes ago, innovati said:

    My mans, hello! 

    wa it do playa?!

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