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  1. I think it would be a great idea to have animals scripted in. Even having something such as a bonding level and once you reach the max bonding level (actively RPing with your dog, walking them, petting them, etc) then maybe having a /attack option available whether it's to be used in dog fighting or protection purposes. I think a monthly fee for the dog would be a good idea so the server doesn't get turned into a zoo. 

  2. Hello everyone! Some of you may know my old name of Essence when I was an admin yearsss ago on LSRP. I met so many great people OOC who I still keep in contact with now. It's crazy how you can meet people through this game and they have a touching impact on your personal life. I took a 6 year break from RP to focus on nursing school amongst other things.  I played on the server from the age of 13-18 y/o. Now I'm 25 and an old fart.  Welp I'm back and hope to see you all in game soon. Cheers to getting old.  Byakugan!

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