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Jon' "Willy" Williams


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Jonathan "Jon'" "Willy" Williams was born in '90 just outside of Seattle. His dad a construction worker and his mother a bartender at a highway biker bar. "Willy" was never too good at school in anything else but making friends and acquaintances from all age groups and cliques but never really fitting in to any of them. He never spent too much time at home other than when he slept through the night.


He mostly hung out either downtown Seattle or around the projects/industrial zones painting graffiti or getting in to other varying levels of mischief and petty crime.

During high school he went back and forth between working construction like his dad and doing busywork at the bar his mom worked at. The little free time he had he spent either learning to work with bikes and cars or fencing off stolen dvd players, car stereos etc.


Around the time he was 19 he spent a weekend in jail as a suspect for a gas station stick up, but the charges ended up being dropped when the police found out that he was actually spotted boosting stereos from cars 4 blocks away from the gas station. Jonathan did admit to the car break ins however. Luckily he got bailed out by one of the frequent patrons at the bar he and his mom worked at.


The man actually had made a deal with Jonathans mom about taking him away from Seattle to Los Santos for a chance to make a more proper life for himself; away from his messy group of friends and start up life of crime.


Jonathan had barely gotten set in the new city when the hard streets followed up on his "guide to a clean life" as his mom had put it when "The dude got dropped like a wet rag when he tried to step up on me." as one of the cracked up hood rats put it in his statement in court after getting caught a block away from the car jacking scene where he had opened fire.


After the case was closed "real life started coming back" to Willy as the apartment they lived at got pulled out from under him after the landlord had been nice enough to let him stay there untill the court case was finished; leaving Willy out with really nothing. No money to run back to Seattle with and nothing but some gig jobs at construction sites that barely paid anything or that he got fired from to make room for "More sustainable workers" aka cheap foreign labor or the constructors friends.


(Note: This character might either last a long time or I might drop it a little soon if I find myself a new story for a new personality. Kind of blandish at the moment but we'll see)




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