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Derrick "DP" Portman


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Derrick "DP" Portman



Derrick Portman, born November 21st, 2004, is the son of a single mother. Derrick was born and raised in the Davis, Los Santos area. Being raised by a single mother, Derrick experience poverty from a young age. Vague memories of empty pantry cabinets, refrigerators, and tables. Visions of when his mother and himself would sleep on the couch in the living room with the oven being open and on for heat close by.


Growing up, Derrick was no stranger to the stereotypical nuances that come with poverty stricken areas. Drugs, alcohol, prostitution, gang violence, etc. These are common occurrences in the life surround Derrick. He would try and focus in school, however, thoughts of what he needed to do after he got out of school to help his mother live a better life would run rampant in his mind.


By middle school, Derrick would find himself involved in small-time drug dealings. He started by flipping nickel and dime sacks of weed to his close friends to make a couple dollars every week so he could feed himself and take that burden off his mother. Throughout his middle school years, he would suffer a series of life-altering events that would shape his character into a more emotionally hardened/standoffish person by the start of High School. He'd also be outside on a regular basis after school, hanging with his "homies" in their neighborhood. It would be together with this group that he'd find himself getting deeper into street, gang, and drug culture.


As of February 25th, 2022. Derrick is a 17 year old Senior in High School. He's actively participated in neighborhood activities outside of school, gang-related brawls, dealings, and more. This is the beginning of his recorded history.


Character Traits

  • Power, Respect, and Money Oriented. - Derrick's primary reason for being involved in street life is money driven. He wants to provide a better life for himself and his family. However, events in Derrick's life have shaped him to be more principle based. This caused him to seek authority and respect from those around him. He refused to take disrespect lightly. With that came a hunger for power.
  • Athlete and Musician - From a young age, Derrick was exposed to music from his mother. He's always loved performing his own renditions of the songs he learned growing up. From a young age he began creating his own music as well. Being outside with other kids his age, he became very interested in sports and athleticism.
  • Clothes, Sneakers, Tattoo, Car, and Technology Enthusiast - Derrick naturally is driven to the finer luxuries that life has to offer. You can say this is partly due to him growing up in poverty. His desire for nice clothes, shoes, tattoos, and a car have given him an exponentially large determination factor in his personality. He is striving to reach economic stability to be able to afford these type of luxuries.
  • Hotheaded, Anxious, Depressed, Stoner, Psychonaut, etc. - Derrick suffers from a lot of complex PTSD due to him dealing with an emotionally unstable mother and lacking a father figure. He experience very traumatic experience from a young age that resulted in contributing to his personality disorders. He is easily aggravated, he doesn't like ignorance, trust issues flare up often, and so forth. Derrick has resorted to smoking weed, drinking alcohol, popping pills, and doing psychedelics as forms of self medication to remedy these mental issues.
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