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  1. The Far-West Crip or more commonly known as the Shoreline Crips has been a very active and long-standing criminal organization residing in the heart of Vespucci (known as the Servants Zone). The Vespucci Shorelines were founded in the early 1960s by none other than Jaheem ‘Jumpin’ Keane during the midst of the black power movements in Los Santos. Originally residing on Bay City Avenue before further developing and fanning out toward central Vespucci. The Vespucci Shorelines engaged in monotonous battles with white supremacist groups all throughout 1960s due to strict racial tension on the outskirts of Vespucci. Vespucci locals as well as the Shorelines found peace and a fulfillment of protection in the canals due to the fact that a plethora of minorities have gathered there. The Servants Zone was known for housing low-income and immigrant families, this fueled the oppression in Western Los Santos. Although while doing such, it aided in the Shorelines abilities to recruit others of similar and mixed race, diversifying the area over the years. Just before the Vespucci Shorelines became Crips, they were labelled under a different alias during the 1960s; the Vespucci Shorelines. During the 60s, Vespucci 13 and the Vespucci Shorelines actually shared some quite close ties, even being recognized as family at some point in the relationship. This all changed when things between the leaders of the Vespucci Shorelines and Vespucci 13 began clashing heads. Although it wasn't until 1972 when Jordan 'JW' Wallace from the 111 Neighborhood Crips connected with the Vespucci Shorelines and there was a decision to clique up. This is where the Vespucci Shorelines adopted the 2x card and began flagging under a new alias, the Vespucci Shoreline Crips. As the years continued, the Shoreline Crips and Vespucci 13 developed a relationship that was quite quandary. Other current and past alias' include, the Sholine Crips, Far-West Crips, Vespucci Crips, etc. The Shoreline Crips are known to gather around vast parts of the community but are primarily seen loitering on Tug and Rug Street. As the two infamous streets received numerous amounts of popularity, the Crips adopted them as a part of their culture in the late 1990s, and these two cul-de-sacs have been dubbed 6th and 7th Avenue. During the early 1970s, Vespucci was commonly regarded as Ghost Town back in the day because it hadn't had any lights lining up and down the streets. At night time, nothing could be seen, it appeared as if it was abandoned and left in the past. This changed in 1979 when Abbot Kinney and the municipal government implemented street-lights in the surrounding communities. The 1960s were pretty rough in Vespucci. As the city got with the times, gang violence and drug abuse were at an all-time high. Due to the multicultural setting of Vespucci at this time and housing a few street gangs, racial tension was littered all over the streets. The tension between the Shoreline Crips and the Vespucci 13 street gang began heating up rather drastically; eventually becoming rivals in the 1970s. Everyone thought things were getting worse, that was until the crack epidemic struck the canals and left the community in ruins. In the 1980s, the Shoreline Crips began sinking more and more investments into the narcotic enterprise. It was at this point where the Shoreline Crips and the Vespucci 13 were at the climax of their war. It was reported that gunshots were heard almost every night that lead up into the 1990s. As the 1990s came around, the Vespucci 13 began showing dominance in the streets and started pushing back Shoreline subsets/cliques out of the Western side of Vespucci. Even now they were being pushed back, the war with Vespucci 13 became more crucial and beneficial due to the control of the constantly evolving market of Vespucci’s drug trade. At this point in the war, it seemed like it was never going to come to an end, yet blood filled with streets. It was noted that between the months of March and October 1996, there were 23 gang-related deaths in the community. After the bloodbath of ‘96, Vespucci 13 cliqued up with Del Perro 13, and Culver City 13. This is when the Mexican Mafia negotiated a truce between the three. The Shoreline Crips are still known to be rivals with the Vespucci 13, along with the three other ones. More and more gang-violence rooted in the streets of Vespucci each and everyday. The Shoreline Crips' investment had paid off, Vespucci's illicit drug trade skyrocketed forward and with that, so did its infrastructure. During the late 1990's the Shoreline Crips completely controlled the drug market down in Vespucci, they needed more foot-soldiers. As a means to recruit, the Shoreline Crips hierarchy targeted younger individuals in high-school for a multitude of different reasons. They were easy to teach, got off committing crimes a lot easier, and they become rather loyal if you can incorporate them into the life early enough. This is around the time the Shoreline Crips grew to become one of the biggest criminal organizations coming out of Vespucci. After gaining a strong popularity in members, improvements in the drug trade, and money flowing in from all angles, the Shoreline Crips broke out into another war in 1998 with the Rolling 60's Neighborhood Crips. There were daily shootings back and forth between the Shorelines and the 60s. Younger members of the Shorelines were disciplined for walking about Vespucci without packing any heat, needless to say because this war could be detrimental in the Shorelines efforts to control Vespucci's drug trade. Although it may not have been as brutal and as long lasting as the war between Vespucci 13, Del Perro 13, Culver 13, and the Shoreline Crips, there were numerous amounts of reported deaths on both sides. The late 1990s came rather quick for the Shoreline Crips and their rivals, the Vespucci 13. At this point, the two criminal organizations were still sending shots back and forth, still fighting one another. As the 2000s cracked down on both of the gangs, the Shoreline Crips and the Vespucci 13 declared a cease-fire, the two gangs wouldn’t ally with one another, yet they wouldn’t continue warring over old age politics that were senseless to them now. This was a completely new age for all street gangs around Los Santos. The age of subsets is upon us, most organizations were splitting into smaller and smaller subsets/cliques. A predominant clique of the Shoreline Crips is commonly referred to as Demon Gang. It’s a clique for younger generation members who have proved their worth to other gang members. This could’ve been displayed during a robbery, jump in, homicide, etc. These individuals are specifically inhabitants of 6th Avenue. Eventually in 2016, the Shoreline Crips and the Vespucci 13 decided to shake hands once again. They would abstain from beefing one another, yet the Shorelines would be known for constantly attacking Culver City 13 members at any given time. This still holds up to this day, the Shorelines and Vespucci 13 share business and trade, although turf and cross-streets were no joke. As ties became closer and the two thriving organizations came out of the same vicinity, they idolized eachother. Vespucci 13 and the Shoreline Crips actually share a hood-day on every 2nd Saturday in June and it's held around the streets of Vespucci. Upon attending one of the hood days, there is typically barbeque, low-riders, local street rappers, and a wide variety of un affiliated Vespucci locals. This day is a celebration of culture, pride, and peace. The Shoreline Crips were now one of the biggest and deadliest street gangs operating out of Vespucci. Practically forcing the smaller Latino gangs to clique up in an effort to defend against their hostility and pure domination. With the advancement of members and a cease-fire, the Shoreline Crips managed to bulldoze their way through the competition, and take control of the constantly growing drug market in Vespucci. As aforementioned above, the Shoreline Crips had went to war with the Rolling 60's Neighborhood Crips in 1998, although the Shoreline Crips fall under the Deuce or 2x card. Beginning in the 80s and 90s, the Shoreline Crips were known for beefing other crip sets until the death of famous Rolling 60’s rapper, Nipsey Hussle in 2019. This fortified the bond between the Shoreline Crips and its other 2x subsets. Nowadays, the Far-West Crips are known to brutalize their opposition whenever they see fit, the mission seems to have been altered from the past, the Shoreline Crips are more focused on a means of making money rather than politics from back in the day. They are known to be allied with all 2x or Deuce crip subsets, yet they beef with a handful of Sureno gangs, and others including the Van Ness Gangster Bloods, LA Denver Lanes Bloods, the Black P Stones, Inglewood Family Bloods, the Graveyard Gangster Crips, and the Playboy Gangster Crips. (( This group is striving to realistically portray the Venice Shoreline Crips, a long-standing and very active Crip set that derives out of Los Angeles. Players will be praised for their attention to detail, character development, and roleplay as a whole. If you're planning to join, please do your research before approaching us. You should not be approaching the gang as an outsider with the intent of joining. Realistically, your character should have been raised or a local to the neighborhood. Under no circumstances, should those who are above the age of 17, approach the gang, having moved into the area from "Chicago". This type of roleplay will get you immediate disapproval and dislike, and you may even be forcibly removed from the area in character. You may join our discord in an effort to learn more information or to inquire. ))
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