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  1. . . . SOUTH SIDE NUEVE FLATS 13 also known as Nine Flats, is a Mexican-American gang located on the southern side of Rancho Boulevard, Los Santos. Nueve Flats name originated from the total of nine buildings of apartments/flats located in the neighborhood by Jamestown Street and Rancho Boulevard; Rancho Projects, later adopted by the gang as Nueve Flats. The residents within the community consist of anything from normal families and retired elder people, to drug addicts and prior convicted felons. The area is well known for its high crime rate, resulting in a record-high of 82 reported deaths and over 200 arrests due to possession of controlled substances between 2017 and 2020, all within the vicinity of Nueve Flats; making it one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Santos. An out-growing issue in the community of Nueve Flats are the constant crimes being committed on a daily basis, at any given time of the day. However, it is well known that those responsible for the high activity of crimes, mainly consisting of armed robberies and many others, are being done by its local gang that resides in the community. The name of the gang is known by South Side Nueve Flats 13. . . . DOWN INSANE FLATEROS (DIF) is one of the most notorious cliques that operates under S/S Nueve Flats 13. In its early days, Down Insane Flateros (DIF) main focus was mainly robberies, to sell the stolen items in exchange for quick cash. But gradually over time, the clique started expanding to other types of operations; in this case, drugs. Starting off with simple controlled substances such as a Xanax and Valium to eventually getting their hands into more deeper controller substances such as weed, cocaine and among others. With the large number of demands for these drugs, the numbers of cash flow for the clique has tremendously grown over the past few years. Giving them more opportunities to expand their drug market, and illegal operations across the southern side of Los Santos. . . . CONNECTION WITH THE MEXICAN MAFIA Nueve Flats originated back in 1970s, under a small group of mexican-american to protect local hispanic demographic within the area. It has been an on-going battle over the years due to the high presence of african-american gangs that reside within close limits of Nueve Flats neighborhood. In late 1970s, Nueve Flats adopted the number 13 which signifies an alliance with the Mexican Mafia. This alliance helped Nueve Flats to grow into a ruthless street gang that lifted a heavy presence and fear to those other african-american gangs that were located on the southern area of Los Santos.
  2. In the year 2014, Multiple members of the Grape Street Crips were arrested; The war between the Grape Street Crips and the Bounty Hunter Bloods was at an ultimate high, members from both sides died and their feud would never end. One noticeable moment was when Grape Street member, Jamal Dorsey went on a hit with two other members of the street gang. The hit was specifically on two people who were assumed to be Bounty Hunter Blood members. They pulled aside them in the Black Sedan, with the notifying question "WHERE YOU FROM?!" Jamal yelled from the vehicle. 17 year old, Makai Dunn and 16-year-old Marquis Dubois were on their way home from school. The duo responded with "They're from around the area" which the area was a known place of the Bounty Hunter Bloods. Jamal placed his Glock out the window, with a gray bandana wrapped around the clip, and he fires multiple times striking the teenagers. Makai was hit multiple times in his chest, immediately dying to his injuries while Marquis was only hit once which wasn't fatal. The teenagers would be rushed to the hospital. Witnesses pointed out Jamal Dorsey after a description went out for him. About three months later Jamal Dorsey would be captured and taken into Los Santos County Jail where he would face life without parole. The two teens, who actually were from the Bounty Hunter Gang, had immediate retaliation for them. Drive-bys would happen between the two gangs, and it'll even get as disrespectful as kicking over candles from both gangs of fallen members. The war is still ongoing looking as if there will never be an end to the ongoing war between the two dangerous street gangs. Grape Street Crips currently being on top of the war. After shooting the duo, the two Grape Street members flee to the Rancho Projects, where they crash into the gate, and their car not being able to move, one of the teenagers named Jabari Holmes, exited the vehicle with his hands raised as another unknown runs off into one of the Project homes, not being caught by the public eye of which. Rancho has never been a safe area, the area was known for the 1900's riots. Especially the riot of August 11-16, 1965. Riots were on-going everyday due to the police abuse. Stores were getting raided and the Black Panthers were known to be behind plenty of the riots as well. Holding guns on the side of the street watching over the African-Americans and Hispanics who were raided the streets of Rancho from street to street. There has been a lot of lost lives in the Rancho area, which makes everyone who lives in the area always aware of their surroundings. When losing your friends at a young age, your friend could've possibly been affiliated with the street gang which makes you want to get down with the group to get payback on the group that murdered your friend, which is exactly how it goes in the street life. It's a scary sight to see a person you were in daycare with die right in front of you because they chose a specific life, where they believed they were the safest. The doors of the Innocence High School opened in 1905, this is a four-year public High School on the Westside of South Central, Los Santos home of some of the most famous Basketball players. This school is also filled with many street-gangs across Los Santos. Actually one of the most dangerous schools to be in this modern day. The Innocence Sentinals is the basketball team of the High School, a very good team is what people may call them, but there is another side to all schools, and looking from the outside in you may think the school is good but others may say different. Going into the school for the first time you may see about a race ratio of about 32% Hispanics, 53% African-American, 15% Mixed in. The school is mostly an urban school of course. On December 12, 2021 at a Sentinals Basketball game against the Davis Spartans, the rival schools get into a brawl against each other over disrespect to their home players. Jamar Ingram one of the basketball players of the Sentinals was tripped by a person from the Davis High School, and the two schools immediate had a brawl on the court although some gangs was beefing this time around they were on the same side of the chain. Innocence High School is home to the streets gangs like the 83 Gangster Crips, Hoover Criminals, a minority of the Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crips. Most faces from these schools can relate back to the Van Ness area but, most also aren't put onto the street gang. Government officials have claimed plenty of times about the Strawberry area being one of the most dangerous areas to live in. South Central holds a very high crime rate when it comes to murders, drug dealers, and prostitution. There are also most broken homes with their being an either-or missing parent to guide children and steer them into a correct path. Other teenagers would say growing up with their closest friends helps them grow up while older people in the game attempt to widen the eyes of the young generation. Modern African American Culture After the year 1990, it seemed to be a huge rise in broken families in the African American family, you would see the ratio of the African American is the most families without both parents, since 1994. The Crime Act during this time sent away a bunch of gang members leaving them without any parole to get out of jail, as they'll sit up for the maximum charges. Committing a crime you might as just change your identity, and leave the entire country, once you are caught you're immediately going to get sent up for life without parole. It was easy to commit a crime but hard to beat it, because if you were caught it'll mean you've had a lot of obvious evidence which points towards you doing the crime. Since this was still in the Crack epidemic, the gang-wars over money was still at the high, and the younger fathers would be killed in the street-wars over the cash, territory, and the respect of an area, the most earners always won the war at the end of the day being allowed to buy the better guns, cars, and get access to the better product than other gangs. Hood Tattoos & Whackouts With the new era gang-banging getting a tattoo of your set like "Grape Street" isn't the wave, there are logos that represent each set with a specific reason of that logo. For Instance obviously being from the Grape Street Crips, you would think about a Grapes which is something that the street-gang represents. To the right you can see one of the members from the Jordan Down Gang that has "Gutta Gang" a clique from the street-gang and a Grape under it supporting the Jordan Down Crips. People that don't really care about there enemies decide to tattoo logos from their enemies set and cross them out on their face. These are the people who may've done dirty work against that specific group (shootings, stabbings, beatings). These people are easy to give the gang enhancements when arrested though. Gang Units look out of tattoos whenever they arrest people from low-income area as its easy to identify which gang they're from and how much they're affiliated with the gang. This includes the baseball teams, football teams, or even a couple numbers which the set may use. The Old-School Graping The Grape Street Crips was created in the Jordan Down Projects in the 1950s, originally the turf was overrided by the hispanic culture of the Varrio Grape 13 gang, and named the Rancho Varrio Grape Gang. The Varrio Grape immediately accepted the newly coming African Americans into their turf, and the African American's picked up the name Grape Street from the Varrio Grape Gang. Being branded Grape Street the African Americans started to make a name for themselves around Rancho starting a beef with the Rancho 13 gang aslongside the Varrio Grape members. During the 1960s the Grape Street Gang adopted the Crip moniker alongside a bunch of Eastside and Westside South Central gangs. They aligned themselves with the Hub 'N Dub card eventually during the 1990s. Although they're from a different card they have close alliances with multiple Gangster Crip and Hoover street-gang which resulted in other Neighborhood Crip gangs wanted immediate beef with them due to their alliances. The Grape Street Crips also started beefing with all other gangs in the Rancho area, without a care in the world they were also known for showing off big guns and showcasing their lifestyle to writers, and news reporters coming to the Jordan Down Projects. A lot of the children from the ages of 6-12 also wanted to be down with the Grape Street Crips while but the teenagers of the gang refused to put them apart of their street-gang until they became an age where they believe they can actually can think for themselves. The Modern Day Graping The Grape Street Rancho Crips are primarily an active African-American street gang located in the Jordan Down Housing Projects/Rancho Projects on the East Side of Rancho, in South Central, Los Santos. The Grape Street Crips are known for their color of purple to represent their gang, and they are known to be affiliated with the Gangster Crip (3x) card but are one of the only gangs under this card to claim the Rollin' 30s Crips as a neutral group towards them The Grape Street Crips share various cliques with their main one being the Baby Locs. "Three-Tones" from the Grape Street Crips, an OG from was murdered by an East Coast Crip member which sparked a massive war between the two rival gangs. The murder rate was high in the Rancho area due to this death. Which added on the dangers of living in Rancho. People who weren't affiliated with any side was killed just because of their skin complexion sometimes. Even the Varrio Grapes joined in on the war with the Grape Street Crips. The clique names of the Grape Street Crips are Baby Locs, 103 Street, Dust Town, Bandera Blocc, and a lot of others which were made with the young generation of the ages 14-16. They're the largest Crip gang in the Rancho area. Baby Locs were originally made by the Hispanics from the Varrio Grape 13, who then drifted off with their 13 moniker from the Mexican Mafia alliance. The Grape Street Crips also have a very close alliance with the Hoover Criminals. Varrio Grape 13 The Grape Street Crips originally came off from the Varrio Grapes a street-gang of the Mexicans of Rancho which eventually got mixed in with African Americans, who then made their own branch of the Mexican Gang and claimed the Jordan Down Housing Projects as their heart of the hood. Both gangs has preserved an alliance with each other throughout generations. Although, the two gangs parted ways, they maintain a close relationship, and share common enemies such as the East Coast Crips. The street-gang also has a bit of African Americans from their set. In the 70's the Hispanic members joined the Mexican Mafia which gave them the 13 behind their name and their name became "South Side Varrio Grape 13". The beef between the Varrio Grape and the Fudge Town Mafia Crips was the biggest from the two gangs which despised each other due to the maximum blood-shed between the two sets. Varrio Grape 13 has three cliques, the Tiny Wynos, Gangster Locos, and the TRS. The Gang Indictment on Varrio Grape 13 Los Santos - In 2021, there was a case on the Varrio Grape 13 gang, and this built up case eventually led to a gang-indictment on over one-hundred-fifty members from the street-gang. The case involved multiple murders, drug trafficking, gun trafficking, and prostitution. Informants was placed within the gang which helped with the case against the street-gang where they've caught about fifty-members of the street-gang preforming the acts and others by association. Varrio Grape 13 is a gang only known specifically in the Rancho area. The street-gang has grown bigger and bigger but after this arrest on the street-gang they've went down in numbers drastically. The Varrio Grape's hierachy played a vicious role inside of the street-gang. The beef the street-gang had with other gangs and suspected people who've cooperated with the police came out to be a enemey towards the street-gang. Guillermo Rodriguez a/k/a "Snakey" one of the highest ranking members was sentenced to life without parole for killing three members of a rival street-gang and each time being caught on cameras within the area with his face out, and his noticable head tattoos placed around his head regarding the Varrio Grape Street-Gang, this mistake led to more gang research upon the violent street-gang. Guillermo didn't cooperate with the police and will never have a chance for parole in the future. Jamari "Beezy Bank" Ingram was a basketball player for the Innocence Sentinals, he got into a brawl with people from the Davis High School in-between a game he had against their team. Jamari Ingram grew up in the Rancho Projects, and was cooling around playing basketball,when he was rolled up on and was shot multiple times by an unknown gang suspected to be the East Coast Crips. Growing up around Rancho, the Grape Street affiliates protecting Jamari, making him not apart of the gang-life and kept him away from the activity but more in the gym. Jamari was a very good basketball player and earned the name "Bankshot" by his friends for his good jumpshot. Beezy came from his father who was apart of the Grape Street gang, sadly Jamari got his life taken at such a young age with so much potential and the Grape Street members are furious about the situation wanting immediate vengence, there is even a clique of the Grape Street members named after Beezy, calling themselves the Beezy Mafia. East Coast Crips vs. Grape Street Crips On January 27, 2008 The Grape Street Crips and The East Coast Crips get into it at a party, eventually East Coast Crip members start firing shots at the Grape Street Crip members, striking multiple from their side. A couple hours later, Grape Street Crips immediately go towards the East Coast Crips neighborhood. The Grape Street members drove-by shooting at a member from East Coast striking him multiple times but he still survived. Two hours later in retaliation for the shooting of an East Coast member, a Black Stainer pulls into the Jordan Down Projects and starting letting off shots at two people standing in the front of their home. The member doing the hit from East Coast eventually was sentenced to life after being caught up by witnesses. The next-day Van Knott was sitting on 97th Street, where a member from East Coast pulls up next to him and let off shots from a Black Buffalo. Van Knott had no affiliation with the Grape Street Crips. A couple hours later, Grape Street members pull up into the 6-Pacc territory of the East Coast Crips. There was about twenty people outside, a Grape Street Crips member leans himself out the window with a rifle in his hand firing at the entire group, a five-year-old child was shot and 55 year-old Leroy Smith was killed after being shot in his chest. Randall Colemen was charged with this shooting and sentenced to 173 years to life. The Out-Come of Beezy After Beezy was killed the entire hood was upset, the East Coast Crips made it known they were responsible for the killing, and the younger generation of the Grape Street Crips immediately rolled out towards their territory. The love-ones of Beezy wanting to be included on the drill was told to stay back as the rest of the Grape Street members rolled into the territory, and spotting about five East Coast members standing in-front of a corner store with flags around their neck. The Grape Street members jump out of the vehicle and starts to gun down the group of East Coast Crips not leaving one alive, eye-witnesses and camera footage caught this on live-tape and the four Grape Street Crip members were arrested and charged with 15 years in prison a piece. After officially getting their get-back on the East Coast Crip members they felt good about themselves, but still torn up about the death of their star basketball player. Outfits was made to support the life of Beezy and people supported his family wearing them to the next Grape Street hood-day. The war between the East Coast Crips and the Grape Street Crips seems to be never-ending with the casualties continously racking up. On the same day of the war, it was people retaliating in such little time, which goes to show how ruthless these both gangs can really be. All this is ending with is people dying and no one being able to feel lifeless anymore and more so just wanting to get rid of their enemies because of family members and friends being taken out by the streets. The cycle is everyday and there won't be a stop this is because just like other gangs they're already into deep with their enemies. Dead on Arrival: Grape Street Crips and Madd Swan members against Bounty Hunters Bloods (reanactment of a real scenario)
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