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  1. "money, drugs and a lack of education" As more and more lower income families move into Hawick, the area becomes worse and worse, slowly turning from a rich area into a lower income area. Many families sent their kids to Hawick Highschool, where they were confronted by a lot of adversity due to them "polluting" Hawick. This led to a lot of arguments and racism at the high school. Many kids that didn't have as much as others were getting bullied and eventually started to clique up to get themselves protection from all the bullies around. Slowly a group was created of teenagers that want to make it out of Hawick and become rich. Since gangster music became more and more popular, white rich kids started looking to buy drugs which started to fuel the group's thirst for money. The "cough syrup" or more widely known as Promethazine Codeine epidemic started in Chicago and soon spread through social media and rap videos. This caused the drug to become more and more popular in schools and lower income communities all over the country. The drug was portrayed as being harmless by the amount of people abusing it, but this is far from the truth. Promethazine Codeine was called "liquid heroin" due to how highly addicting it is and due to the damage it causes to your body. Once you start drinking it, it becomes harder and harder to stop, having serious withdrawal effects. The rap industry had its part in the spreading of this drug, having almost every rapper making lyrics about sipping "drank" or sipping cough syrup, making it for some a must to try it out. Codeine has become a very trendy drug thought the richer high schoolers, that try to fit in and/or act gangster. This became a big opportunity to teenagers that wanted to make some money on the side, without having to take a big risk. Cough syrup is easy to hide and easy to flip for a profit, a bottle being pretty expensive, it can easily be poured into different bottles and sold separately. This alone motivated some kids that weren't as wealthy as their peers to start selling plugging their peers. This faction will be of community roleplay in the neighbourhood of Hawick, all recruitment is done strictly in character. We reserve our right to select the members that take part in this project. In order to be accepted into the faction, you need to showcase your roleplay capabilities. We focus heavily on activity, so a very easy way of being integrated is to be active and to be creative. As a faction we aim to provide the server with an accurate portrayal of a African-American and Hispanic community living out of Hawick, One of our main priorities is our roleplay, as we expect above average roleplay from our members, but this doesn't mean that you can't roleplay with us. We're all here to help. Have a plan for your character and create unique individuals with goals, ambition, strengths and weaknesses. Keep character development as your main priority. The thread will be updated as the roleplay progresses. (( s/o to @Wavy, @Qpaccy, @wokaddict))
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