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  1. Los Santos gang members tied to a string of home break-ins, the last one ending deadly. Article written by: Alex Chavez Source: Los Santos Police Department Monday night, Los Santos resident found dead in his home after four males, ages between 13 and 16, broke in, thinking there was no one home. The elderly man woke up to noise downstairs as he grabbed a licensed 9mm handgun, walking into the living room and opening fire on the suspects, striking one in his left leg. The four young males returned fire with modified handguns, shooting as many as 60 rounds in the males direction. The four young males were identified as being part of a crew, known to sell parts to make semi-automatic pistols into fully automatic ones. Touch More Bands or more widely known as TMB has been linked to as many as 15 break-ins and robberies. One attempted break six months ago, left another house owner dead after he shot one of the intruders with a shotgun, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. The house owner was found dead on arrival, cause of death was inflicted by a storm of bullets shot by the intruders. Two out of the three suspects are still wanted. This is not the first time we hear about a string of house break-ins ending deadly, last month another couple was found dead in their house after a robbery went wrong. Learn more about how to protect your home at https://www.adt.com/resources/help-prevent-home-invasion. The culture of "Switches" on Glocks These modifications for handguns are relatively new, being popularized primarily by rappers and gangsters over social media. These "Switches" are tiny parts that turn a Glock pistol into a mini-machine gun, capable of firing dozens of rounds within seconds. These were originally appearing in San Andreas from sellers outside of the U.S. These tiny parts come with a Glock logo imprinted on it, to make it seem like they are manufactured by the company that makes the pistols themselves, but they are not. Before the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives got a handle on the situation, these parts could be purchased for less then 30$. After they became popular, a lot of gang members and criminals started profiting off the craze, importing thousands of switches from other countries, and marketing them as "key chains". This started to become more and more popular, as they were targeting the most popular platforms for teenagers: Snapchat and Instagram. With these pages popping up, a lot of teenagers were purchasing them, but a lot of them were getting robbed or scammed too. This resulted in some of the more popular pages to start expanding their business, opening more and more accounts, one by one being taken down by the platforms they were advertised on. Some of the resellers decided to go to Youtube, where most of them found out that their videos could rack up hundreds of thousands of views without being taken down. More and more managed to make successful "trust worthy" pages, which were making the "Switch" epidemic more and more of a problem. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives started noticing these parts popping up around Chicago mostly, being made popular by gangster rappers in the area, but soon spread across the U.S, making their way into gang members and criminal's hands all over the country. This is one of the many problems that Police officers encounter every day, most criminals have newer and better guns then them, some even turning their already customized firearms into full auto machine pistols. 924 Hoover Criminals x Touch More Bands Touch More Bands (TMB) is a group formed by members within the 92x94 Hoover Criminals gang and was initially made because of an argument between one of the OG's from 92 Hoovers and one of the founding members of Touch More Bands. The decision to split off from the group but still keep connections was made in order to stay in the alliance between the Hoover Criminals and 83 Gangster Crips. TMB and Hoovers are very close and sometimes act as one, but TMB isn't under the same leadership as Hoovers. The original founders of the gang, which are currently locked up for different 2nd and 1st degree Homicide charges, are still active hoover members and are known to have ties to 415 Kumi inside the prison walls. In 2022 the group was reportedly consisted off multiple hoover affiliates from 83 HC, 92 HC and 94 HC and residents of the area that aren't known gang members. The death of Lil Bossy and the Bossy World Motels Lil Bossy was a very popular member from Touch More Bands, and an active 94 Hoover Criminal. He was rumored in the streets to have caught 4 bodies. His death came as a shock as his music career just started to take off, landing him a record deal. Bossy was the brother of one of the founding members of Touch More Bands and was always eager to rise to his brother's level, which he started to try and achieve at a young age. He hopped off the porch at around 13 and made a song with the title "Hopped off the porch at 13" which was one of his biggest hits out yet. After serving 6 months at a Juvenile Boot Camp, he returned home with a different flow which made his music even more popular, as a lot of people started to relate to it. He often spoke about gang violence and drug abuse in his music, as he always had a lot of love for his community. Even after his career started to take off, Lil Bossy couldn't leave the streets behind, continuing to gang bang and be active in the set. Bossy put in a lot of work, being known to have taken the chain of a rival Rolling 60s member in a brawl. His death came two weeks later, as he was gunned down outside a Liquor Store on Roy Lowenstein Blvd. Many believed that his death was related to the chain snatching incident, but one month later the police revealed that they had 2 suspects in custody and that he was targeted over a robbery a day before, in which he stripped one of the shooters off 20 thousand dollars and a gun. The Bossy World motels were renamed after his death in order to celebrate him. A lot of people mourned his death and to this day he remains a legend in the gang. His music is still doing numbers and he has managed to make it into multiple small time documentaries which made a lot of people curious about why he didn't leave the hood when he had the chance to. The motels have been known now to be a stronghold for the Touch More Bands group and starting to become legendary in the LS gang banging scene, being a point of reference for the turf that hoovers claim. ㅤㅤㅤ‎ Melvin “Melly” Roberson Melvin was born and raised in South Central, Los Santos. From the age of five, he appeared to be a very silent child, even showing a interest in books and school. As he entered high-school Melvin started to change, behaving more like his friends, adapting to the group he was in. He eventually dropped out of high-school, starting to sell drugs and make money by any means. Melvin got kicked out of his house when he turned 16, leaving him homeless and self-dependent. Attributes: Go-getter: Melvin is always thinking of plans and schemes to make more money for him and the group. Trapstar: Melvin is known in his neighborhood for mostly selling weed and pills, his attitude towards hard drugs is very hostile. Robber: Melvin robs and breaks into houses often, looting them for weapons and items of value, that usually end up being sold on the internet. Flaws: Reckless: Melvin is very careless, known to ignore the law and do whatever he wants. Stupid: Melvin isn't a very bright person, seen doing stupid things and posting them on Instagram on multiple occasions. Homeless: Melvin got kicked out of his house, he mostly lives at friend's houses. Notable Hits: Tiny2Extra (R60s ) GkreazeHk (R60s ) BRAZE#3 (Denver Lane Bloods ) Timothy "TK" King Timothy King was born and raised in South Central, Los Santos, Timothy also goes by the name "TK" his close friend Melvin calls him or "Timmy". Timothy never had a easy life, dealing with his mom being a dope fiend and his dad dying right in front of his eyes at the age of Seven. Timothy always has a smile on his face and is a bright person but also has a bit of anger issues, he also has trust issues and only puts his trust into his best friend Melvin. Timothy King is wanted for Grand theft auto and is on the run right now, laying low but making sure things around him is going well. Attributes: Robber: Is a good robber, knowing how to get in and out of place without a single scratch left behind Quickness: Timothy is a very fast person, out running most cops in his history. People person: Timothy has his ways with people, knowing how to talk to them and fooling them into doing things for him. Flaws: Anger issues: Timothy get angry real easy, letting all the pain from the inside of him come out. Bad swimmer: Timothy never knew how to swim like that, being scared to go to the beach most of the time. Stamina: Even though Timothy is a fast runner he tends to run out of breath real easy. Notable Hits: Tiny2Extra (R60s ) (with Melly) GkreazeHk (R60s ) (with Melly) Peezy#4 (Denver Lane Bloods ) Quando (R100s )
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