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  1. The Carson Mafia Gang, also known as the "Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods (CMGB)", is a predominant, long standing African-American street gang formed during the late 1970s by a man known on the streets as “Kay Bee” in the western district of Davis, Los Santos. This set started off as a clique of the notorious "Carson Mafia Family Gang" which held dominance over Davis but later separated after it went defunct. Carson Mafia falls under the Gangster (3X / trays) card but it also represents the Mafia umbrella. It's territory runs along Carson Avenue toward the Grove Street Circle connected by Covenant Avenue which is also known as "The Bottom". Several homicides are reported in this poverty stricken neighborhood, making it one of the most dangerous neighborhoods to reside in. Many believe that Carson Mafia went defunct with the start of the new century but their presence remain as intact as it ever was. Their turf is surrounded by other hostile sets, including a vast Surenos presence in Rancho to the south and Crip presence to the north in Strawberry which keeps it under constant pressure. The Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods have attracted a lot of attention from Law Enforcement, which also resulted in several Gang Injunctions. Many affiliates were incarcerated during the early 90s, and during the late 2000s which put a deep impact on the functioning of the set along the road. Young teenagers are driven toward street gangs because of it's luxuries but never know the outcome of the lifestyle until after they are already in. Some think, that it's the older generations that are raising these kids in this poverty filled area is the cause of them not wanting to go to school and make their life better like the rest. But little do they know the police have been very brutal to people in this neighborhood way before then in the black empowerment movements such as the Black Panthers and other organizations to help rebuild the community. Different desires are found in everyone around the neighborhood, some want protection, some want power while others are just in for the money. This is what starts and powers a street gang. Most of the locals in the area have been getting mixed in with the gang activity, and drug distribution through the urge of wanting to get involved in the activities that is going on in their neighborhood. A lot of the members are born and raised into the street gang through family members teaching them the lifestyle and tactics that are past down generation after generation. The gang violence continues to get stronger in the area influencing other neighborhoods in the region to do the same or create their own, and this is what brought most of the gang violence. Politics & Whack Outs The older generation of the gang were nothing too different. They wore red rags to associate themselves with the blood coalition and also did taggings of their gang graffiti in their rivals hood and it was also known to be run with some structure. Structure is what made the gang what it is today. They had rules and guidelines that you had to follow and if you didn’t you would get disciplined depending on your actions. The street gang were always known to be big in numbers and due to that reasoning people really feared the gang. The younger generation were taught to follow what was said to them and if they needed something to get done then that means it needs to get done, no questions were meant to be asked. The older generation had the younger members do their dirty work as the older generation had been getting targeted by the LSPD. The gangs were known to be more respectful and didn’t want anything to happen to people that didn’t have anything to deal with what was going on. People's families were known to be kept out of the profound beefs and if anything were to happen to them, you would receive certain consequences. The gang's structure was undeniably strong and were known to be ruthless and reckless for anything that crossed their paths. After years and years went by the structure started to slowly fade away. The new generation of the gang started to do anything and everything. They started to shoot up people's homes, and diss other rival gangs on social media. They would take disrespectful terms to social media and diss them there. The school system got worse as most of the gang interactions happened there. They had one on one fist fights and also gang brawls after school, many people from many different gangs were jumping rivals and it was completely unsafe. The older members of the gang started to lose the tight rope that they had over them and they didn’t know what to do. Many of the politics started to break up and other bloods started to beef with some other bloods and then they eventually became “CMG” which is a short abbreviation for Crab murder gang. The terminology was created by the younger affiliates as they had profound beefs with any and every gang that was under the Crip umbrella. The gang today is still standing strong and is still trying to get their politics back but how it is right now, it's not looking like that would be happening anytime soon. An insider war broke out within the set in the late 2000s when OG Menace was murdered in cold blood after recently being released from the penitentiary. All cliques turned against each other and a full out war broke out, which resulted in several deaths including Innocents and police officers. Gang and Narcotics Department finally issued a gang injunction in the name of Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods and the police presence went up a notch with gang enforcement police officers. People barely left their homes and affiliates either went to lay low or moved out entirely. This was believed to be the downfall of the street gang for good but it strived in the poverty filled neighborhood. The memorial of OG Menace and other affiliates still stand in the alley behind Covenant Avenue and he is still honored by the young members of the set. A hood day is similar to a block party is hosted every year by the affiliates to show their love and dedication to the set. This culture has been passed down since earlier generations throughout LS. Affiliates who took a bullet for the set are honored with liquor and other narcotics. Sweep The Streets The Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods instantly turned to drugs on how they made their money. They also used them heavily and around the area is known to be infested with crack and meth. The gang turned into using the drugs in the late 1970s but eventually ended up selling them to feud their habits. They started to sell drugs such as Crack and Meth and adapted more drugs as they went. The gang started to be more organized inside of the late 2000s as they made the drug game a good business for them, racking in over thousands of dollars a day for the gang. They used the money to acquire females, more drugs and more importantly protection for their gang. They also used the money for self reasons but if you stole from them, they were known to retaliate in dangerous ways. That being said, more people started to try to buy instead of robbing them, they showed some kind of fear towards the gang. They gang was also known to not be nice with their consumers. They were known for taxing over the amount of the drug and some of the members from the gang also took the consumer's money and sold fake/laced drugs in return. Sad to say, anything that's shady always gets brought to light. On January 17th, 2014 the street gang had a massive drug bust and multiple members of the street gang went to prison with lengthy jail sentences. Years later they got the attention of the LSPD due to how much drugs they were putting out on the streets of Los Santos this then soon led to the devastating crackdown that shut down nearly all of their operations. April 7th, 2018, AKA, The Cleanup LSPD Officer's alongside FIB agents conducted a raid of a high-ranking member's Aunties house in which he was believed to be staying for the night. Inside of the house was Gerald “MoneyMan” Gibson, Jaylen “Greedo” Moore, Shaun “SBoy” Mullings and Jerome “Snoopy” Gibson. Marwuan Willimas Los Santos County, or known as " Moneyman " was charged with Brandishing a weapon, Handling a firearm in an improper manner in a motor vehicle, Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public, Possession of an Assault Weapon, As a minor, possess a fake ID that you intend to use to buy firearms. Garret Barkend Los Santos County, or known as " Greedo " was charged with Brandishing a weapon, Handling a firearm in an improper manner in a motor vehicle, Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public, Possession of an Assault Weapon, As a minor, possess a fake ID that you intend to use to buy firearms. Tristan Stokes Of Los Santos County, or known as " Two Boy" was charged with Brandishing a weapon, Handling a firearm in an improper manner in a motor vehicle, Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public, Possession of an Assault Weapon, As a minor, possess a fake ID that you intend to use to buy firearms. Today, the gang-banging routine has lost it's initial touch but it's still far from being over. It may seem like the gang activity has decreased but actually, the lifestyle just got smarter. Youngin's don't post up on corners anymore to sell drugs. Instead, social media is being used daily. People aren't killed over wearing the wrong colors like in the 80's and the 90's, but they still die over a ten dollar bill. The lifestyle which has been passed down generationally from growing up in this area. With that being said, the neighborhood is still filled with a violent gang presence. The Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods are surrounded by Mexican and other Crip street gangs. The gang is known to beef with All gangs that fall under the Crip card and later adapted the CMG tag which stands for "Crab Murda Gang". The younger generation of the gang is known to get into brawls and fist fights with them in and out of school and also talk over all social media platforms with them saying things from, dissing their dead homies to arranging brawls outside. This lead to most of the younger generation members of the gang going to jail or letting the law enforcement get familiar with their faces. The street-gang is known to have plenty members around the gang and their are known to bring terror and react aggressively when people disrespect them. The Carson Mafia Gang have a close relationship with the Denver Lane Bloods. This alliance is known by the 1st generation as the Denver Mafias and Mafia Lanes by the 2nd generation. The other significant alliance is with the Avenue Piru Gang. In 2019, both sets commenced their hood days on the same day to represent the close alliance. Other allies are the Weirdos Gangster Bloods, and the Inglewood Family Gang. They are also allies of the Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods, Family Swan Bloods, Black P Stones, Harvard Park Brims and the SouthSide MadAss Gangster Pirus. Their rivals are 102 Raymond Avenue Crips, Osage Legend Crips, Mad Ass Gangster Crips, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, Imperial Village Crips, Water Gat Crips and the Tonga Crip Gang. This Faction Thread will be updated based on IC events.
  2. Nutty Blocc Carson Crip1 The Nutty Blocc Carson Crips (NBCC) are an active street gang under a large umbrella, known as the Carson Crips or C.C Ridaz. C.C Riders (Carson Crip Riders) pronounced CC Ridas, and often spelled with a Z (CC Ridaz). The term CC Riders was discovered by Fredrick ❝Baby Gangster❞ Dre, who is affiliated with the Santana Blocc Carson Crips. Along with their fellow comrade Big No Good from Nutty Blocc Carson Crip, together they formed CC Riders in the Los Santos County Jail, in 1986. Which, consisted of an alliance between all Crip gangs, who falls under the Carson Crips brand. The Carson Crips shared a close alliance with the Crip sets in the Rancho area of South Los Santos, and decided to push a line of the Nutty Blocc Carson Crip in their territory. This alliance is known as the ❝Gloccs & ARs❞ and dates back to the 1980s, according to Los Santos Police Department. Glocc is another name for Carson (Glocc City) and the AR is a reference to the ❝R❞ in Rancho. Gangs under the alliance fought side by side against larger rival gangs on the Carson Avenue stretch and in the Los Santos County Jail. ORIGINS2 Nutty Blocc Carson Crip (NBCC) originated on the West Side of Davis, Los Santos that operates in Carson Avenue, Davis. Their neighborhood runs from Carson Avenue to Rancho between S/W Jamestown Street and S/E Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. They are west of the ATF Gangs and east of the Lantana Blocc Carson Crips. Members are known to sport ❝New York Yankees❞ article of clothing, or Apparel with the letters of ❝NY❞ which represent ❝Nutty❞. Their main cliques consist of the 166 We Don't Care Crips or Careless Nutty Crip, 165 Hardline Nutty Crip and Grandee Eyebuster Nutty Crip, on S/E Roy Lowenstein and S/W Jamestown Street. Their documented hangout is the Grandee Motel, which is located on the intersection of Grandee Ave and Roy Lowenstein, inside their territory. The Nutty Blocc Crips was featured on Rep Yo Set (compilation album/DVD), which is a project by Gangstaholic Records. The Nutty Blocc Crips received national notability when BG Stomp Out & Gangsta Laced Ya (half-brothers), both affiliated with the Nutty Blocc Carson Crips debuted on Eazy-E single ❝Real Muthaphukkin G's❞ in 1993. In 1995, B.G Stomp Out and Laced Ya released their debut album Real Brothas, which spawned three singles 50/50 Luv, Jealousy, and D.P.G./K. However, BG Stomp Out was sentenced to 20 to 22 years in prison for attempted murder in 1998. He was later released on parole in the early 2010s and is currently reaching out to his neighborhood through fundraisers to battle poverty, drugs, metal health, and domestic violence. 166 WE DON'T CARE CRIP GANG The 166 We Don't Care Crips or 166 Careless Nutty Crip Gang is a clique started by Leroy ❝O.B.G Hardlucc Da General❞ Howse and his right-hand Donavon ❝Baby No Good❞ Waters who is the younger brother of Dedrick ❝Big No Good❞ Waters, an reputable Original Crip of the Nutty Blocc Carson Crips. They originated on the back street of S/W Jamestown Street after seeing a steady growth of new members in the set. Big No Good gave the orders to Hardlucc to push a line on Jamestown Street to help the 165 Hardline Nutty Crips (another clique in the area) combat nearby rival gangs of the Grandee Motel on the intersection of Grandee Avenue and Roy Lowenstein. Most new members of the street gang who have became known new members of the street gang who have became known to the police through surveillance and arrests are between the ages of 16 and 20. This was a statistic recorded in the 2000s as the street gang, unlike many others within the neighborhood, seems to have a higher interest in recruiting young men and young women who are in their late teens and early 20s rather than youths who are still in childhood or early adolescence. It stands to reason that the street gang, through recruiting this relatively older age cohort, are looking for more experienced and hardened criminals to join their ranks to protect its reputation and territory. 166 WDCC is very territorial as they are known to patrol the outer skirts of their neighborhood. They live up to their reputation of being one of the most if not dangerous cliques of the Nutty Blocc Carson Crips. A good example would be the death of Floyd ❝YG Trauma❞ Williams, a reputable West Side Piru gang member after coming across Baby No Good at the Carson Car Wash located near 100 Block of Carson Avenue. Baby No Good or Donavon Waters frequents this car wash as it is near the heart of the Nutty Blocc Carson Crip territory. Sometime in early May, they crossed paths. Williams was not aware of Waters presence but was approached by him where words was exchanged ending in a foot chase by Williams. The next time Williams saw Waters was on May 4, 2014. Williams was at the Grandee Motel in Los Santos, where he lived at the time. William's youngest son, Vince (who was five years old), and Vince's mother, Taesha Wright, had been visiting, and Williams was walking them to Wright's car in the parking lot. As they were walking, Williams noticed someone walking toward him from his blind side. He turned and looked, and saw it was Waters. Waters wife's family was also staying at the Grandee Motel. Remembering the confrontation at the car wash, Williams thought there might be trouble, and his main concern was to get his family into the car for safety. As he was putting Vince into his car seat in the back seat of the car, he noticed that Waters had stopped at a diagonal from him. Once Vince was in the car, Williams took off his shirt, getting ready to fight. He and Waters exchanged words -- saying things like ❝What's up?❞ or ❝What's happening? What is going on? What's the deal?❞ -- and Williams started to approach. Waters pulled a gun out of a bag he was carrying and pointed it at Williams. Williams put his hands up and asked Waters if he was going to shoot him in front of his family. Williams then said, ❝Let's get down. Put the gun down.❞ Waters responded, ❝On Nutty Crip, we ain't going to do too much talking,❞ and he started shooting, holding the gun straight out, toward Williams. Waters was about 22 feet away from Williams when he started shooting. Williams was pronounced dead at the scene and was left with multiple gun shot wounds to his facial area leaving him almost unrecognizable by family and friends. The next morning, seventeen members of the Nutty Blocc Carson Crip were arrested for federal racketeering charges. This case tied the murder of Floyd Williams to Donovan Waters where he was tried and sentenced to life without parole on a quarter million dollar bond. This gave an opportunity for the clique to operate for funds to help Waters regain his freedom. Those crimes conclude extortion, murder, kidnappings, drug trafficking, and several other venues that would help the gang bring in assets. They are routinely active and organized, terrorizing their neighborhood and rival gangs who get in their way. THE GRANDEES The Nutty Blocc Crips are one of the oldest street gangs in Carson Avenue, Davis. They originally referred to themselves as the Grandee Boys in reference to a local motel and housing project next to it known as ❝the Grandees.❞ The Grandee Boys later joined the Crip gang organization under the auspices of Stanley ❝Tookie" Williams❞, and became known as the 165th or 166th Blocc Crips. They later changed their name to the ❝Nutty Blocc❞ Crip gang to signify they were the craziest gang in Carson, Davis. Crip gang members spell the word ❝Block❞ as ❝Blocc❞ because in gang culture ❝[w]riting CK means Crip Killer.❞ The Nutty Blocc Crip gang consists of different sets or cliques based largely on age. At the top, and the most powerful, are Original Gangsters. Next in line are Original Baby Gangsters, followed by Baby Gangsters, Original Tiny Gangsters and then Tiny Gangsters. Herbert Charles Miller (❝Hen❞ or ❝Baby Hen❞), Javone Lamar Brown (❝Bam❞) and Jeffrey McLeod (❝J-Smash❞) all belong to the Nutty Blocc Crips who are the main enforcers of the gang on the Westside of Nutty Blocc since the set is largely controlled by different people such as Isaac ❝Big Evil❞ Gaston. Brown and Miller were Baby Gangsters; McLeod was either an Original Tiny Gangster or a Tiny Gangster. Isaac ❝Big Evil❞ Gaston, Champagne Gaston, Izell Gaston, Frank Gaston and Keon Easley were all siblings who lived together in an apartment in Davis, San Andreas, apartment G. The apartment was a two-story unit with a fenced and gated patio. Directly inside the front door was a living room area. An internal staircase to the second floor was on the far wall across from the front door. A small bathroom was located in the far corner, near the staircase. The apartment complex was in the territory of the Nutty Blocc Crip gang. Ike was a member of the gang. Izell, Champagne, Frank and Keon were all affiliated with the gang. To avoid confusion, the siblings will be referred to by their first names. Harris, Dunn and Grissett were all members of the Nutty Blocc gang. Champagne had known Harris and Grissett 4 since childhood. Harris's moniker was Ju-Ju; Grissett's moniker was Chop-Chop.* Champagne was also close with Jazzmine Harris, a blood relative of Harris. Izell had also known Dunn for about 10 years; Dunn's moniker was ❝Mike Dog.❞ B.1 The Shooting On March 9, 2014, Champagne threw a party with Harris at the Gaston family apartment to celebrate the birthday of a friend of Harris, pay off bills, and raise money for the Gaston family to move. Over 100 people attended the party, including members of the Nutty Blocc and Santana Blocc gangs. Many of the Gaston siblings were present, including Ike, Izell, Frank and Keon. Many of Harris's relatives and friends attended, including his brothers Darryl, Derrell, Darnell, sisters Darnesha and Samiaa, a cousin, and friends Rita Richardson and Jazmin Lopez. The party was disrupted when Grissett started scaring people by stating he was going to shoot up the party. Champagne told him to stop. Later, Grissett began disparaging other gangs saying ❝f[uck] different gangs,❞ ❝f[uck] Fronthood❞ and Santana ❝6 gangs. At this point, Champagne told Grissett she was cancelling the party and she began yelling ❝the party's over,❞ ❝everybody … go home.❞ She told Harris she was shutting down the party. Harris told Champagne they were ❝going to shut down nothing,❞ and told Ike ❝you better tell [Champagne] she ain't shutting down nothing.❞ The People's gang expert testified that the Fronthood and Santana gangs were not Nutty Blocc's enemies. The verbal dispute escalated into a series of physical altercations, culminating in a gun battle. The first physical confrontation occurred at the apartment's gated patio. When Harris blocked Champagne's entry through the patio gate, she pushed him to enter. Then, as Champagne went into the apartment, Harris and Ike began fighting on the patio. Harris threw the first punch at Ike and missed; Ike then punched Harris, knocking Harris to the ground. The fight turned into a melee, with five to six Nutty Blocc affiliates, including Grissett, joining the attack on Ike. Grissett escalated the fight by swinging a knife, stabbing Ike. Frank attempted to defend his brother Ike by pushing the attackers away. After the fight on the outside patio, Ike was woozy, stumbling and bleeding heavily from his head. His brothers and cousins carried him into the apartment. The second physical confrontation ensued inside the apartment. Harris challenged Ike to fight again by stating ❝you got to catch my fade again.❞ Harris accused Ike of stabbing him, and lifted his arm to show a bleeding cut. For the first time in the incident, a gun appeared. In his hand, Ike held a gun pointing up, and he began waving it in a circular motion. Keon tried, without success, to take the gun away from Ike; Champagne ran up the stairs and called the po- lice. After the verbal challenge, another physical fight broke out in the living room involving Harris, his brothers and Grissett, battling Ike's brothers Izell and Keon. Grissett again swung a knife, cutting Izell above his right elbow. Izell and Frank were able to push Ike halfway up the internal staircase, away from the fight. Ike was bleeding profusely and semi-conscious. Frank forced some of the partygoers out of the apartment, including Harris and Grissett, and locked the door. Keon recalled seeing Ike holding a .44-caliber revolver before Ike was carried to the stairs and before Harris and Grissett came inside. Keon later testified that he only noticed the gun in Ike's hand when Ike was on the stairs. The quarrel did not end. Dunn, another Nutty Blocc gang member, joined the conflict for the first time. When Dunn yelled from outside the apartment, ❝Jazzmine, open the door, [bitch],❞ Jazzmine [Harris's relative] opened the door. Dunn and then Harris entered and each fired multiple shots, Dunn shooting first, towards the staircase bearing Ike and his siblings Izell, Champagne, Keon and Frank. None of the siblings shot back. Ike was shot in the chest and front shoulder; the chest shot was fatal. C. The Investigation The night of the shooting, witnesses and bystanders were uncooperative with law enforcement. Ike's family members did not immediately tell law enforcement what they knew about the shooting because they did not want to be snitches or were scared for their lives. Indeed, Keon talked to the police at the hospital after the shooting but lied about his name and birthday because he was nervous and scared. That same night, Izell went with the police to the station but did not cooperate or identify the shooters because the shooters were active gang members and he thought he and his family could get hurt. Forensic evidence suggested a ❝gun battle.❞ The ballistic evidence was consistent with two people standing at or near the front door of apartment G, shooting into the apartment, one shooting a nine-millimeter handgun, the other a 32-caliber handgun.9 Additional spent casing, bullet and bullet fragments found on the patio outside the fence suggested that someone shot a nine-millimeter handgun from the walkway towards apartment G.10 The evidence was also consistent with another ❝9 shooter firing a revolver from inside the apartment from an area near the front bathroom, using a cabinet as cover and firing towards the front door. Finally, a bag of .44-caliber Smith & Wesson Special live rounds, and a single live round were found at the bottom of the stais, and a holster for a large frame revolver was found in the upstairs bedroom. Blood was found on the patio, inside the apartment near the front door, on the landing area, on the stair railing, on the wall coming down the stairs, the upstairs hallway, and in the living room; the highest concentration of blood was on the stairs. Ballistic evidence was found around and inside the apartment. One .32-caliber shell casing stamped C.B. C. was located in front of the front door across from apartment G, two more .32-caliber C.B. C. shell casings were just inside the front door, and two 9-millimeter R. P. shell casings were in the apartment, one under the front door. Ballistic evidence was found outside apartment G. A spent nine-millimeter R. P. casing was located on the sidewall in front of a nearby apartment; impact marks suggested that the shooter had been standing near the casing, and was firing towards apartment G. Another spent projectile that had struck the sidewalk suggested an additional bullet travelling towards apartment G. A bullet lodged in a fence surrounding the patio, suggested another bullet travelling towards apart Ballistic evidence was found outside apartment G. A spent nine-millimeter R.P. casing was located on the sidewalk in front of a nearby apartment; impact marks suggested that the shooter had been standing near the casing, and was firing towards apartment G. Another spent projectile that had struck the sidewalk suggested an additional bullet travelling towards apartment G. A bullet lodged in a fence surrounding the patio, suggested another bullet travelling towards apartment G. Three additional bullet strikes and three holes in the fence suggested at least three more bullets fired towards apartment G. No casings were recovered, suggesting a revolver. The ballistic evidence of strikes to the curio cabinet and a bullet hole in the television suggested at least two shots. The criminalist that examined the ballistic evidence from the crime scene and the bullet recovered from Ike's body opined that all three 9-milllimeter casings marked R.P., were Remington Peters brand, and had been fired from the same firearm; all three .32-caliber cartridge cases stamped C. B.C., were Magtech brand, and had been fired from a second gun; the bullet fragments recovered from the exterior crime scene were all nine-millimeter luger caliber, and had been fired from the same gun (although he could not determine whether that was the same gun that had fired the nine-millimeter bullets or the gun that had fired the .32-caliber bullets). The bullet extracted from Ike's body was a .32-caliber bullet. Harris was arrested on March 31, 2014 at an apartment in Davis, and Grissett was later arrested on June 5, 2014 at same location. On June 5, the police recovered a box of ammunition stamped ❝R.P.❞ and Grissett's identification at that apartment. When Dunn was arrested on June 5, police seized gang-related items, namely, a hat, jacket and shirt bearing the Yankees insignia, and a phone book with gang monikers. 110 D. Gang Evidence Los Santos County Sheriff's Detective Scott Lawler testified as a gang expert, and described the Nutty Blocc Crips as a gang with 230-240 members, engaged in gun possession, shootings, narcotics sales, and witness intimidation. Their common color is blue and they identify themselves with New York Yankees merchandise, and the letters ❝NY,❞. Point of interest(s) Documented Gang Map E-89012344492— South Los Santos, San Andreas (Crip Formation) 1. The 166 Block (S/E Jamestown Street) and the 165 Block (S/W Lowenstein Boulevard) are close communities intertwined with each other. However, both communities frequent Jamestown Street due to community leader/activist Uncle Pops starting a store in the area called ❝Pop's Soul Food Delight❞ that brought its community together back in 1974 due to its table stands and hang out areas for the youth. 2. Turned into the Kelly Park Hustlers in the 1980s and turned Crip after constant beef with a modern day blood gang known as the West Side Pirus. There is a hierarchy of gang members. Dunn is a high-ranking Nutty Blocc member, alongside Isaac ❝Big Evil❞ Gaston; Harris and Grissett are members. Harris also admitted to another deputy on April 13, 2013 that he was a member of the Nutty Blocc gang with a moniker of Ju-Ju. Fear and respect are important concepts in gang culture. Gangs must be feared by rival gang members and instill fear in the community to operate as a gang. If a gang member is disrespected, this would be seen as weakness, thus a disrespected gang member would be expected to retaliate in a more aggressive manner: if ❝he was slapped, he'd have to punch; if he was punched, he'd have to stab; if he was stabbed, he'd have to shoot.❞ Shooting and killing someone who disrespected a gang member would be considered ❝putting in work for the gang❞ and would earn respect among fellow gang members. A shooting of a fellow gang member who had acted disrespectfully would benefit the individual shooter by raising his status within the gang by creating fear and respect, and would benefit the gang by instilling fear and respect by enemy gangs, recruiting youths to the gang, and facilitating the expansion of the gang's territory. Crip (Gang Rivals) Santana Blocc Carson Crip (Rancho, Jamestown Street & Carson Avenue) since 2000s Lantana Blocc Carson Crip (Davis & Carson Avenue) Acacia Blocc Carson Crip (apart of the ATF Gangs) (Davis, partially defunct) Farm Dogg Carson Crip (apart of the Acacia/Town/Farm, ATF Gangs) (Davis) since early 90s Neighborhood Carson Crip (allies with all Neighborhood Crip gangs) (defunct) Spook Town Carson Crip (apart of the ATF Gangs) (Davis) Kelly Park Carson Crip (Chamberlain Hills, Forum Drive & Carson Avenue) since 2010 Neighborhood Carson Crip (allies with all Neighborhood Crip gangs) (defunct) All East Coast Crips and Neighborhood Crips (x2) (Davis & South Central Los Santos) Poccet Hood Carson Crip (Davis) Tragniew Carson Crip (Davis) Anzac Grape Carson Crip (Rancho & Jamestown Street, defunct) Blood (Gang Rivals) West Side Piru (Rancho & Jamestown Street) since 1970s even before Bloods & Crip alliances. Campanella Park Piru (Davis, Covenant Avenue) since 2005, on and off. 151 Block Piru (Rancho, Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Macdonald Street) Cabbage Patch Piru (Rancho, defunct) Center View Piru (Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry Avenue) (Gang Allies) Forum Drive Carson Crip (Strawberry) [based on Atlantic Drive Compton Crip] S/S Carson Drive Carson Crip (Carson Avenue, defunct) Original Swamps Carson Crip (Rancho) Original Front Hood Carson Crip (Davis, Davis Avenue) All Mafia Crips (x2) & Gangster Crips (x3)
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