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  • Forum Rules


    1. Advertising Spam

    Users are not allowed to post irrelevant links, spread malware, etcetera.

    Punishment: Permanent Ban


    2. Flame

    Users are not allowed to insult each other and engage in flame-wars.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    3. Off Topic

    No hijacking threads - posting off-topic.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    4. Advertising

    No blatant advertising

    Punishment: 1 warning


    5. Spamming

    No spamming

    Punishment: 1 warning


    6. Foreign Language

    English posts only - for foreign languages, use the appropriate forum.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    7. Oversized Signature

    Keep the size of signatures respectable.  The signature can only be 250px of height, that is including the pictures and text.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    8. Violating Local Forum Rules

    Read the specific forum rules when posting.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    9. Misuse of the Ban Appeal Forum

    Do NOT post in the ban appeal section unless you have vital information to say or are posting your own ban appeal.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    10. Posting/Sharing Warez (Illegal/Copyrighted Materials)

    No posting to warez, whether that be through a search engine or not.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    11. Posting Inappropriate Material

    Posting of grotesque videos/content (scat-porn, murders, etcetera).

    Punishment: 1 warning.  Depending on the severity, harsher punishment may be considered by the moderator.


    12. Posting Pornography

    Punishment: 1 warning.  Depending on the severity, harsher punishment may be considered by the moderator.


    13. Flaming team-member and/or feature

    Flaming an LS-RP feature or member/staff will result in a lengthy ban, discuss them privately if need be.

    Punishment: 1 warning or a temporary ban.


    14. Inappropriate Avatar

    Any pornographic or suggestive avatars or signature pictures are not allowed.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    15. Backseat Moderating

    No backseat moderating.

    Punishment: 1 warning


    16. Plagiarism/Copying

    No plagiarism - e.g copying faction threads.

    Punishment: 1 warning



    Definition of a warning: If you receive a warning, it'll stay on your account for 90 days and then delete itself.

    • If you have three active warnings, you will automatically get banned for 7 days.
    • If you have six active warnings, you will automatically get banned for 31 days.
    • If you have nine active warnings, you will automatically get banned for 93 days. A moderator will be able to choose if another action/length is more appropriate.
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