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  1. I think I remember Bustamente, atleast the name lol. I spoke to Joey Cortez the other day and I just went to check out how LS-RP are doing, which turns out.. pretty bad. So I found these forums and decided to just check it out. Nah, I don't think I've been online since like.. 2013 maybe? But I do miss having that much fun as it was to be on LS-RP. What about you, for how long did you play before the server went down?
  2. Lol yeah I can tell.. last update in July. Yeah, sure sent an invite. Cailiz#5985
  3. I see. What were your characters? I was apart of Escos crip faction aswell for awhile. Lol yeah it was always some brawl or something with Redberry, but without the whining afterwards
  4. Thats me, but I was never with Hillside. I was in charge in El Corona. Redberry.. that brings back memories. Best Norte faction ever hands down
  5. Hell yeah. Everything is good with me. Was gonna check out how LS-RP is doing, but it seems like its not going too well lol. What about you, man? Everything good?
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