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  1. get down for ur race, skin
  2. if you know what i do... my answer is clear here... NO ERP PLEASE
  3. Yeah that's a solid point, didn't even think of it that way.
  4. I'm thinking make a maximum and minimum amount of dollars something can cost I.e... weapons, drugs, clothes, cars, etc; As an example you can sell a Combat Pistol for maximum 1000$ and minimum 300$. Just an idea I was thinking about on a different server and thought it'd be cool to see on LS-RP, would love to hear the communities thoughts.
  5. idk bruh... keeping stash cars messes up the realism aspect, but removing them also makes it a little tooooo realistic... /v park and /v get were kinda clutch for when you couldnt afford a 3 million dollar house in the ghetto, but people would often just PG with them soo.... definitely an iffy thing, think an official poll should be made about this
  6. LS is based off of LA not Houston. The sever doesn't need a 3rd LEO faction, 2 is definitely enough. Big no from me.
  7. the oakland raiders got it next season
  8. gta sa / samp 100% the greatest experiences
  9. my favorite british dude
  10. real e/s gunman been here since like 2017 or something hoping to join pd lsrp>real life lsrp>my family happily wed to @Mmartin #1 yeat superfan, i cannot go 30 seconds without hearing a bell ronald mcdonald please get out of my walls face reveal: (not actually me lmfao) My yt where i normally expose pedos n shit shoutout gas gang shoutout @Indo_Otb_ and the rest of the e/s gunmen
  12. ayyyyyoooo this going far no doubt
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