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  1. I just remembered about good ole LSRP and the old forums, tried getting on there but our boy Martin still has them locked up. Right, that's when I realized this "project" has gone nowhere. Came on here to see that my assumption was spot on! Found this as the most active thread on the whole forum with the first post on this page being from July 5th. It tells you something,no? I read through most of the replies and wow, I got a blast from the past! Classic General Discussions topic from the old forums, except this one is still unlocked and not deleted? What a way to start my Sunday. All I can say is, that release date along with the staff replies on this thread have aged like milk. Some of them are straight up COMEDY lol. I don't understand the admins/testers defending Martin, do your colored names mean that much to you? I was staff myself but I never felt like losing my dignity over it. Why does he not get on here and say a couple of words himself, even if it was lies, at least that way he can buy himself a little more time? Doesn't take a whole lot of energy and time to do it, no? The lack of transparency has always been a recurring theme for this community and it seems like it's going to stay like that until its very end. How come they never learn after all these years just baffles me. Which is really a bummer because this is one of the best communities I've been a part of and I'm sure many other people can say the same. I remember the moment they removed Damian from leadership, but I don't remember there being a valid reason behind it? This was 2016 I think, the consequences were felt the very next year with a massive decrease in player count. Let's not lie to ourselves he was far from perfect but at least he was active, putting in some effort here and there and wasn't going MIA. Server script was a dinosaur compared to some I've seen but it was simple and more than enough for the most of us. With a small overhaul surely it would have kept the SAMP LSRP alive & running for another couple of years. Instead they let egos get in the way and would you look at where that has brought all of us. I had hope that there was going to be something out of this but when they postponed after December I knew where this was going. Had me fooling ngl
  2. kojotot

    Crypto & NFTs

    last call for the bull run train, buy the dip cryptos been down ~20% for the past couple of days
  3. kojotot

    Crypto & NFTs

    I just see crypto as a temporary way to make money. Cryptocurrencies have so many flaws which might be solved in the future, but I just don't see cryptocurrencies replacing FIAT. There's no way the banks would allow that. Just hop aboard the hype train for now, might as well earn something. But I got a feeling it'll all come down crashing one day. Anyway, is it just me or this bull run is taking longer than expected? Some had BTC going to $100k by the end of the year, doesn't seem too possible to me now.
  4. feels weird to see a 'GTA:SA' topic in 'other games'
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