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  1. Nah he won't be, if he actually cared enough to lead LSRP he'd have been more active, posting frequent blog updates and putting other things into motion to make sure the community is in a good place when the server finally launches. Making some rules for players and factions isn't all that hard and would take a week of internal discussions at most to make sure everyone's onboard. To quote Ben directly, Kane isn't motivated to finish what needs done scriptwise. What the community needs, is someone who is motivated to go that extra mile to get things done, someone who is actually active within the community besides a few one liners here and there, someone who answers constructive community concerns and feedback. Noone in current management has done any of this outside of a paywalled discord. Which has to be leaked to the rest of the community for us to even know there's discussion. That doesn't sit well with me, not at all. No community can function without motivated, visible and passionate leadership at it's core. If things continue as they are, it's only a matter of time before LSRP disappears for good.
  2. I know it's causing problems for a lot of people, the only issues it causes for me is when actually launching which now takes 10x as long as it did before even on a high end m.2, sometimes if at all. It'd be for a toggle option for server owners but that'd be contingent on LSRP actually launching which atm, doesn't look very promising anytime soon.
  3. Not even that, simply make all the forums and subcategories read only and disable new registrations. EZ
  4. Since Mmartin can't even give the community the courtesy of his presence any kind of launch is just a pipe-dream at this point. Wayback machine is a good bet, but don't count on the archived forums coming anytime soon if ever.
  5. It beggars belief as to why this wouldn't be showcased to the whole community who have been awaiting any sort of news or update from Mmartin, who is still nowhere to be seen as far as the forums, and wider community are concerned. If he is back, or at the very least able to communicate with developers again (the tease of a release date suggests as such) then he has absolutely no excuse not to communicate with the rest of the community. TLDR; I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. I don't think they are, I know they are, it's FACT. After experiencing dozens upon dozens and every single one of those I've ever been part of (quite a lot) has consisted of the following; /S HANDS / S AY HANDS! /me pats them down, taking their phone and money. or /s Ay, hands /s In the car bitch! /me gets taken to the middle of nowhere, robbed and left there. and if I rp a little more detail and make them work to find their $500? /b quit stalling a good 7/10 robberies I've been in haven't even involved money being taken because they're robbing everything that moves on the streets looking for guns or drugs. That's not robbing for roleplay, it's robbing for assets. Prove to me that this isn't shit rp? Besides you're the one who started bringing up being robbed as an example (you're also literally suggesting a robbery script), so it's fair game to use it to counter your fruitless arguments. As I said before, there was already a robbery script way back on SAMP where players were supposed to cooperate before using it. It just didn't work out like that and it was removed many many moons ago. It didn't work then and it won't now, no matter how you try to garnish it with fluff it's still basically the same idea.
  7. So just because I disagree with your idea and explain in detail why it won't work I'm full of shit and need to use my brain? m'kay. This tells me everything I need to know about you. I have robbed before fyi, it's just boring af to roleplay both as robber and victim. It simply doesn't interest me. I don't just think 99.98 % of robberies are absolute trash, they ARE absolute trash. If you think 99.98% of robberies are an amazing roleplay experience for the victim then you're the one who's probably full of shit.
  8. The last thing that's needed is a stupid RPG script, it never worked when SAMP had something like this way back in the day because it was (GASP) ABUSED. You're supposed to roleplay a CHARACTER not be hand fed by scripts that let you skip through all the hard stuff just because you feel someone isn't cooperating. 99.98% Of robberies are absolute fucking trash and speaking from experience, the only players who want to stall the robberies are the robbers themselves who make them last much longer than necessary. By taking someone out to the middle of nowhere and search every single item of clothing. I can assure you (most, as there are a number who genuinely stall) victims want nothing more than to be done with it as quickly as possible so they can get on with their roleplay. God forbid should the victim actually roleplay anything other than "/me raises their hands" and puts detail in their roleplay, they're instantly stalling. It's utterly horrible to experience and ruins whatever roleplay you had going on. Please, for fuck sake don't make it worse by adding something idiotic like this.
  9. What are you talking about? The other server already restricts ERP quite heavily, requiring characters and players to be over the age of 18 (they're EXTREMELY strict on this) and completely prohibits any underage erp. LSRP is taking similar steps by banning it. But calling to ban ERP all together is tbh, a little bit ignorant. I doubt you even realize, or attempted to think about how much of an impact it would have on the server as a whole if it was banned, including the economy. There wouldn't be a need for pimps, hookers, strip clubs and other adult businesses where other players go to meet others and socialize. Relationship roleplay would be extremely limited and hollow and as a result a lot of characters emotions would just feel forced. So as I said calling to ban ERP is childish irresponsible. If you don't like ERP, nobody is forcing you to participate in it, so don't. Otherwise please, shut up.
  10. Stormbird

    March Release Update

    Ah yes, the old "My character is insane, so there's nothing wrong with them doing idiotic shit just to win a scene" excuse. I can 100% see why you were banned, you're extremely self-centred and your attitude is disgusting. I really hope they ban you from this server too (if it ever launches).
  11. Stormbird

    March Release Update

    The only person embarrassing themselves here is you my dude. Did your character train as an athlete? Do they have the stamina needed to counteract the currents and keep swimming until the police give up? There's really not much to explain when a gangbanger swims the whole length of the beach and dive around under water trying to evade police, that kind of p2w mentality will sooner or later, get you banned here too. I can guarantee you that. Try owning up to your mistakes, instead of blaming everyone but yourself. You'd be surprised how far it gets you. As Nova said above, you probably didn't get banned just for that (admins generally don't ban for a first/minor offence on GTAW either) but for an accumulated record and repeated poor attitude.
  12. Stormbird

    March Release Update

    That sounds very specific lol, sound to me like the ban was well deserved if you're olympic swimming. If you're pointing to youtube videos or articles from 10 years ago to justify stupid behaviour and p2w mentality no shit they're not going to take you seriously. On LSRP or GTAW you'd get exactly the same treatment, I'm sure most admins on GTAW or LSRP would also listen to REASONABLE arguments but my gut feeling tells me yours isn't one of them. Hell if anything GTAW are far too lax with rulebreakers, you'd have to do something pretty fucking stupid to get a 5 month ban.
  13. Stormbird

    March Release Update

    Not doubting the breakin or anything but it's been well over a month since there was any news on the server's progress and Mmartin has been online since, so I'll assume he and his family are fine. It is however, extremely questionable as to why there's no updates considering ya'll were apparently days away from being ready to release. What's changed? that's a weakI think the community deserves more communication than it's been getting, considering Patreons are leaving in droves.
  14. Stormbird

    March Release Update

    I understand wanting to release something that's stable and playable but if LSRP can't keep to a simple release date that's really not a good sign for the future, either have a release date and stick to it or don't have one at all. I understand there have been circumstances IRL for Mmartin and that's fine, I'll even give the man my warmest wishes in that regard. But that can only carry a certain amount of goodwill towards someone who was all but absent from the community until LSRPV was announced out of nowhere after leaving the old server to rot. I've always been supportive of LSRP, even as the old server was dying but I'm slowly starting to loose faith that this will ever see the light of day or if it does, that it won't end up the same way as the SAMP server did when people loose interest and the initial hype dies down. I really hope I'm wrong, but right now it's not looking good.
  15. Looks pretty good, shame about the choice in music though I can't help but think the healthbar and injured animation state should be removed though? Would help to prevent metagaming via the healthbar to kill someone.
  16. Fair, I missed that so mb but most of my points still stand tbh
  17. Looking good, mdc looks legit af. When's the new launch date expected to be though? First it was summer 2021, then it was around Christmas with character apps opening before but nothing more has been heard about it (at least to my knowledge not being on the Discord). It's a bummer that the samp server was taken from us long before anything was even remotely ready for a stable gtav server. Now all we can do is wait while launch dates keep being pushed back. Don't get me wrong, I understand the nuances of development and real life which might get in the way and that you actually want content on launch but it doesn't make it any less frustrating. As an idea though, maybe have a couple of early alpha periods to let players roleplay a bit, help iron out bugs missed during development etc and wipe any characters and progress at the end of each testing period. Imo this will lead to a much more stable official launch and give us something to do while we wait You could always disable certain features you don't want revealed until launch too.
  18. Surprised they haven't gone after RageMP or Fivem yet, they'll loose a shit ton of current and future customers if they do.
  19. I get the whole "If admins aren't experienced in x genre then they shouldn't take the reports" argument, but you're forgetting that they are able to communicate with other staff over discord for second opinions if they're ever not sure. Illegal rp reports are usually one of two things; 1: They're pretty black and white metagame, powergame or dm reports which don't need any illegal rp experience to know it's outright stupid. 2: They're extremely complex reports that'll involve multiple admins working together anyway. If you're saying to fob illegal rp reports off to IFM admins, they no doubt already have enough work to do with faction reports and handling multiple factions at once without having to deal with 15 pages of back and forth cock swinging. For ones that involve breach of ROE? Then sure, I agree have IFM handle it. I'm sure that's already how it works. For the most part though having IFM deal with every illegal rp report (since they're the only ones who would be 'experienced' enough according to your requirements) just isn't feasible due to their workload and volume of reports. They simply won't have enough admins experienced enough with illegal rp. Most situations can be broken down using plain old common sense anyway.
  20. Whilst there are some valid points here from the OP but I think there's a lot of room for improvements on both sides. Having said that I also think there's a lot of band-wagoning going on and honestly, I find it hypocritical and kind of sad tbh because I have an inkling that perhaps some of people in this thread were probably the ones constantly saying "LSRP is dead, they're too late to have a GTAV server, move on." just a few months ago lol Don't get me wrong though, some competition for GTAW will do wonders for both servers and I'm certainly looking forward to having other options.
  21. Forced CK's will lead to even more people using throwaway characters to do stupid shit with and criminals will care less about their characters than many already did on the old server. I'd support much longer jail times though because IC it makes sense. Jail is meant to serve as a deterrent and if it's not doing that then the punishments aren't strict enough and actually have police confiscate any stolen items / money if they're killed so it can be returned to the victims who were able to call 911. I believe this was actually in the penal code that assets from the proceeds of crime would be seized, but I don't think this was ever utilized. Something that should be looked into for the new server.
  22. I have one question, nipple mods?
  23. Agreed with this, though Luxury Saloons is something that should have a bit more leeway though as they're more common IRL.
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