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  1. Duarte

    July Update

    Oh there is in RageMP, which is why LS-RP is dying.
  2. Honestly, I don't care anymore. Found a decent server on RageMP that is pretty much the same thing. If the LS-RP developers take even longer to launch this then more servers will pop up.
  3. Duarte

    July Update

    Well, guess this is over then. Time to find another community to be a part of. It's sad that the SAMP server was closed, we at least had something there, even if it wasn't as popular as it was many years ago.
  4. I would love access to it again. Had a lot of good memories there, and let's not forget the GTASA mods that were released to the public. Now it is a huge pain in the ass to find these low-poly and amazing mods done by the community.
  5. I have always, and will always, hate Easy Anti-Cheat. It's a huge let-down when I get a new game on Steam that happens to come with this trash. Sometimes I get a refund because of it. And when I uninstall a game, it never goes away. I have to delete the folder manually, which annoys me even more.
  6. Joined for the first time back in 2009. Played for a couple of years and then moved on to other servers and games. A few months ago I decided to instal SAMP again to see how the server was doing. I was in shock when I found out it was gone. But, I'm glad we're getting a new one in a much modern game. Can't wait.
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