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  1. Man bringing back memories for real
  2. Started on PR RP way back before 2008/09 . Started playing LSRP maybe in 2011? Was a young dude back then ! I remember a popular faction being based in willow field/Seville? Shit it’s been so long. Let me know if any of y’all remember me. man.. SAMP RP was something else.. I wasn’t a big time video guy , was trying to learn but here’s a couple random videos https://youtu.be/RfDeTInqT6I https://youtu.be/cmOn0cgRAng https://youtu.be/K3y9SV0YH8g
  3. What’s up y’all. I used to play way back man, way back. I went by C-DUB / OneDeep played PR:RP way back and then was on LS:RP for a long time after PR fell off. If anyone from the old days is still around. Drop a comment. Haha
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