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  1. Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, The Good Doctor, Southland, The Walking Dead,
  2. If the system is made good then why not.
  3. Girts

    Among Us

    First three months when it just get popular it was fun, but then little kids and tik tok killed the game first community.
  4. Girts


    DayZ is very funny game , especially when I camp in police station somewhere in Gorka at night and hear that someone opens the door.
  5. Good old days, by the way we lost that match.
  6. We should forget, and accept new things.
  7. New map, game style and other many good things, finally this will be something new for me, to be honest I get bored playing GTA sa, because it was too old. New game will give me new emotions.
  8. Welcome back, can I get your autograph?
  9. Some good memories that I remember.
  10. Looks better than my chicken fillet.
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