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    Free Games

    PC Building Simulator is now Free on EPIC GAMES
  2. As long as animals act like chop and they are synced for everybody why not. No one would want to see John_Doe say to his dog "sit" and the same dog glitch and fly to a different universe.
  3. Ain't just you. It is indeed confusing
  4. elgreco

    NBA 2K22

    Is it worth buying?
  5. i heard you trying to be picasso
  6. It depends on how the lore is going to be set up. You can RP LS and all the other normal US states. You can RP LS, LC, SF, LV and the rest of the US States... Up to the lore
  7. elgreco

    Free Games

  8. elgreco


    happy birthday BO
  9. elgreco

    Space 🌎

    SpaceX's Starship project started applying hexagon heat shields. Looks like a rocket made straight from a space movie.
  10. Artificial Intelligence I must say
  11. mag fusch Hello there!! how are you?
  12. elgreco


    Hello mr future boeing 747 pilot
  13. elgreco


    i heard you once was the best shotgunner in samp
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