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  1. I know exactly what you mean, I would like to see something different, but the gta world has, for example an illegal side problem, so it should be better illegal things here. lsrp shouldn't be too realistic because it spoiled this type of gameplay, from what I know and heard, it was something different before, okay lsrp doesn't have to do exactly the same as before, but there shouldn't be such a drastic change that happened in later times and that spoiled a lot of things. I really liked the lsrp gameplay, it stood out from the rest, there were different standards that allowed you to do a lot of things where you couldn't elsewhere, it was the magic of lsrp Realism - everyone has a point of view, Fun - everyone has a point of view, Roleplay - everyone has a point of view, light, medium, heavy - everyone has a point of view etc. = everyone has own opinion and interpretation about many things related to roleplay, this is ambiguous, it was, is and will be, it needs to be clearly and cleanly stated In fact, everything has pros and cons, but also problems, every server, every server over the years, every era, old, new standards etc.
  2. i know what you mean, because it reminds me of the good old days on samp roleplay servers, but could be problems, many things have changed, it doesn't mean that I would like a copy of the some rp server and this server should stand out in many ways, there should be some balance between fun and realism so that there is no exaggeration, but rather what stood out in the gameplay on lsrp, plus the fact that everyone differently defines every little thing, such as "fun" on rp, so should be simple and clear for everyone, it's a tough and extensive topic, but everything has pros and cons that depend on everything
  3. so what you suggest? how it should look?
  4. they were already samp, so I'm sure they will be here on ragemp as well seriously though, it will be cool if such a function appeared on the server
  5. Tomek Broczykowski, Johnny Snake, Edward Kemp, Charles Boyenga, Dalek Blurem, J7, FiftyDeep, DepyoTV, Beda, Jefe, Yung Shotta, PUB Juice, Nasty Kloxin, RizLaa, Bogus, Rico, Kokys, karol, yander, Ezzyboieh, Miodrag Krcmarik, NTA, Atwood, slime.k, Jspin, angel k, NiceOneHammy, Dule, Quinceyyy, depresifhadisler, kofi, BlackAngellify RP, brandon prescott habibi, GloryVon, SuSo, zhendy, Trey, rencurea, trapstar, shoreline, KevY, BabyFoe, Tweak, Merciless, OCB_, gwapio, smileyy, SICCO LSRP, Matical, beneton, russian gangster, 380Bim, ZanuLSRP, dolphh, SB, Mantle, Hustlin, Rognvaldr, Jaylen_, edward, YeFool, Glockx, spectre, YBN Glizzy, Jayy (cycool), Moe Bodies, Twin, AlmightyyJS, Philosoraptor, mariocazuela, Djayy The Great, Liam LSRP, free credit, AceOsama, LittleWheezy__, ogmuffia LSRP, CORN, Yuval, KP, Nine, Sway, Los, KidBuu, boki, Fireworks, Klorontix, Raheem, Bash, Glvzed, blaccEx, PapaJarad, DatBlock LSRP, :D, eno, fredo, Jebac Majki, tut, voyage, Consistency, Leander Emma Bliss, Michael Jefferson (Userone), Natasha Valentine and many many more
  6. Some of these terms are interpreted differently and there really is no simple, clear answer
  7. This above, so limited amount of supercars/luxury cars etc. Very expensive like a hell with higher taxes, insurance etc. No OOC bureaucracy restrictions, everything should be done IC'ly + everything should depend on many factors (I mean economy) so something like dynamic prices and the economy too (I just hit two things here: restrict super hyper exotic cars and economy)
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