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  1. LCN's are the best, in theory. In execution, most of the time, it's really bad.
  2. 2007 here. Ciano_Nyne, Tyrone_Nyne Bloods gang era.
  3. It's really depressing how LS:RP has devolved from what I have loved, and what I thought as a second family. Los Locotes' membership, the great fun I had with them, YLONEN, Joey_Cortez, Cailiz etc. The great fun I had in Seville with Edward Linus, Mike Elefe, Frank White, etc. Valenti's crew, and associates... DamianC as the head of the staff... all that story I had with them is pretty much gone, thanks to the action of few who decided to bring down the work of so many people. The sheer amount of incompetency before and after the takedown of the forums, to switch to GTAV. The soulless amount of content until now. Why did someone decide to go for GTAV? Did they really think that LS:RP was dying due GTASA being outdated? Did they really not see that they were at fault? Obviously LS:RP had its issues, but they were inside the game. Not outside of it. The removal of the forums was the biggest stab to the heart. The constant delays up until today, were just twisting the knife deeper. The community will realize how awkward and goofy the aesthetic of this game is. The giant lack of skins because the Multiplayer engine cannot use existing NPC skins, so everyone will look the same or similar, using shitty presets. Pray that you can use ped skins.
  4. This feels like the die-hard old Christians trying to make a law against nipples, because of the children that'd probably see one or say the word 'nipple.' Either way, removing ERP would be silly, solely because it's also role-play. You may not like it, but real life lingers on sex a lot too, especially in low class neighbors. Now, the situation in LSRP was unique, and I'd even say that I grew annoyed by ERP because prostitutes would drive Bullets, etc. but then again, that's the incompetence of the previous server. Let's not forget that street gangsters, or just rap music in general glorifies sex, talking about eating and tonguing pussy, moaning during the beat or how much she gives head. Do you find them just as weird? Don't pull the "people that do this shit are weirdos" because you're just as weird for both giving a fuck about it, and for role-playing murders and doing drugs. It may not be the same thing, but anyone would be having a chuckle at you for doing these things— especially role-playing the street gangster. People'd just look at you funny for being a wannabe gangster, just like you'd see people doing ERP, as weirdos.
  5. I have been here since late 2007, but I don't think I'll be around for GTAV because of the aesthetic.
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