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  1. xakiii

    March Release Update

    he didn't like that i had an attitude when he approached me about it and i told him that there's nothing wrong with what i did(didn't even evade for 2 minutes before an admin tped to me)
  2. xakiii

    March Release Update

    do u want some too
  3. xakiii

    March Release Update

    well breaking news: i didnt rp a person in their right mind so it's rp if i go swim in the ocean
  4. xakiii

    March Release Update

    do you consider olympic swimming if your car breaks down and you find yourself in a beach surrounded by police forces and realistically knowing you're getting a lot of years in prison but then there's the opportunity to swim away? you think you won't take it? just because i successfully embarrassed the cops that were chasing me(what a coincidence one of them was the admin that banned me) doesn't mean i should get banned and not let me argue it. Also the lack of replies is fucking idiotic af lol had to wait 3 weeks for one reply and then another 2-3 for another reply made me realize that server is not worth playing at all
  5. xakiii

    March Release Update

    didn't mean to say LSRP is a scapegoat but we all know LSRP is more illegal roleplay oriented. Sure that's okay to have as a rule, but is it really worth banning someone for 5 months because of that? It really sucks because all it takes is one google search of "man swims in the ocean to avoid police" to see how common that is. And their staff is shit they refuse to learn something new or take someone's argument seriously because they're admins and I should respect them. Fuck no, I never had this issue with LSRP and I've been playing since 2011.
  6. put someone with real life criminal experiences on top of it or else it will be the same as in samp
  7. pets and the ability to decorate the exterior of my house
  8. xakiii

    March Release Update

    guys please hurry up i refuse to go back to that shitty server they call gtaw. imagine banning a player because i decided to swim away in the ocean in order to evade cops and call it "powergaming" and "non realistic rp" will be happy to donate but cant find the page..
  9. i have 12gb ram ddr3 (lol) and i7 3700K(10 year old gen) and GTAV runs pretty smooth on my pc.
  10. i had the most fun in malangone crime family. s/o to the guys
  11. xakiii

    March Release Update

    and to think i dissed the whole gtaw staff on my ban appeal... knew mmartin home invasion was faked but its OK. We understand and we'd rather get a finished server than an early release full of bugs and exploits that no one would enjoy. as a lsrp veteran i hope release is soon! dont disappoint us guys edit: could've atleast kept lsrp up for the time being but oh well..
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