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  1. Origin Money Runs Everything Started from a group of young Wrongdoers who harbored their own backgrounds throughout the city of Los Santos, some emerging from poverty-ridden backgrounds in the ran-down parts of South Central and few merging from the wealthy parts such as Rockford Hills and Vinewood. Three brothers from the Warren family, Demetrius “Chubbs” Warren, the oldest of the trio, Kamani “Ghost” Warren, the middle child and Markael "Maniak" Warren, the youngest of the trio. The family first grew up around the Row Lowestine area, they were not a family you’d consider privileged. The Warren family is originally from Kingston, Jamaica. The Warren’s immigrated to Los Santos in an attempt to seek a better future. The trio grew up in South Los Santos and money was an issue during their upbringing, through all of the struggles they have been through their number one goal was to make money and live the life they always desired to live. Rise in Crime Once Demetrius was seventeen, he saw his peers involving themselves in illegal activities such as trafficking narcotics and firearms. It showed him that a nine-to-five is not the only path you can take in life to live lavishly, so Demetrius and his two brothers came up with an idea. The plan was to combine all the money they currently had saved up to then invest it into narcotics which they would then sell for a large profit. After a while of trafficking narcotics, they got into the firearms trade, Demetrius and Kamani went to pick up a shipment of illegal firearms which they intended to bring into Los Santos to then distribute. The duo was passing through Blaine County when they suddenly got pulled over, the officer’s conducted a search of the vehicle finding a total of eleven firearms, ranging from Semi-Automatic Pistols to fully automatic Assault Rifles. Kamani took the charges for his older brother and ended up taking a plea deal which resulted in him serving five years in the Twin Towers, upon release Kamani got himself reinvolved in the “family business”. Group’s Breakdown In Demetrius's mid-twenties he gathered all of his friends and siblings that he trusted, established a plan and separated them by what he observed them doing throughout the years, from a drug distribution crew to a crew revolved around killing who needs to be killed, a crew based around theft, and a crew that handled shipments which was a coverup business. The group was separated into four crews, Demetrius alongside his childhood friend Jalen “Spook” Clarkson, sat his brothers down and they established an idea to upbring a large criminal enterprise. The three brothers and Jalen overseeing the crews depending on what skill set Demetrius sees in them. Demetrius always wanted to lay low but his middle brother, Kamani was the flashy one. Demetrius running the trucking company and theft crew, Kamani running the killing crew, and Markael running the distribution side of things. They all came to a conclusion that they would expand by crew throughout Los Santos and keep a low profile. Out of Character Information Money Runs Everything aims to portray an organized crime group that is based off of a simpler version of Black Mafia Family, the group is 50/50 between Legal and Illegal Role-Play. The Legal and Illegal role-play all ties together. The legal side prioritizes the legal income of the group by using the legal assets the group currently possesses. While the illegal side uses illegal methods of making money like drug trafficking and targeted hits. If you wish to roleplay with this group or have any questions you may privately message @Lwhip @BreeshCollecter @2xBrizzy on forums.
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