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  1. thats a name i havent seen in awhile
  2. Deja Vu. But anyways. April 1st came early, again. this isn’t going to happen. It seems like you keep making threads simply to try to run another and third law enforcement faction of some sort in the community and quiet frankly it isn’t needed. Join one of the existing ones.
  3. I suppose so. I've been having the issue on it since yesterday and figured just a good amount of people have been going to it. I guess it's me then. Thanks.
  4. Why does the wiki perform so poor/slowly?
  5. It's been a thing for awhile. It's usually support units that do it if they are there.
  6. In regards to the school resource officers thing, this is something that we will not be doing in the early stages of the RageMP launch but we can look at later down the line. Our main priority right now is to make sure we have the faction running smoothly before we can make any changes and/or additions to the faction.
  7. plan the port security/authority a bit better, not no cringy shit they had on world or the past on SA
  8. I'm excited for the part we're not only gonna be on a different platform, but the amount of people (old school) are returning. I'm also excited to see where this 'new' era of the sheriff's department goes.
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