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  1. "crypto king is doge" What do you mean by this?
  2. Do you get paid out dividends?
  3. Perhaps we could compromise? Vehicle stashes should be in the game, but perhaps it could be done in a more lighter way than how it was presented on the SA-MP server. Instead of being able to hold twenty weapons in one vehicle, why not limit that to five or ten. The same limit could be done on drugs, and this would create a need for more viable options to store contraband, such as stash houses, while also allowing the use of vehicle stashes for minor aid.
  4. Do you trade stocks? What investments have you made? Anything investing regarding the stock market down below.
  5. negro10 was a legend. is he still around?
  6. Do you own any crypto? What kind of crypto? How much?
  7. Cool video minus the horrible ENB.
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