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  1. I just think there's a reason every roleplay server that's been successful hasn't had melee weapons that can be hidden just accessible to everyone who joins. Bats and other blunt weapons that you can't pocket, sure, but knives and that? I don't think it should be accessible to everyone.
  2. Until every brawl is interrupted with knives because everybody and their great aunt has one. I like the idea of melee weapons being more accessible but every hostile interaction will just end with somebody getting stabbed.
  3. locced

    March Release Update

    I don't even care to rp at this point, lost my hope a while ago.
  4. locced

    March Release Update

    It's gonna fall of deaf ears, and likely won't get replied to. But how was it ever set to release in summer of last year, or even December, when there's that many features to do? I don't care to wait, I'm busy, but it seems random dates are just thrown out.
  5. No, I vouch to run over every pet I see Sure, along as there's no lag caused by hundreds of pets.
  6. I'd love if my fat character didn't have a fatass face, and model shaped body. Ped models should be allowed, even if it's just for donors. So many variants of clothes for each one.
  7. locced

    Release Update

    My bad, thought it was the 24th of last month. I must've read it wrong haha. At least it's somewhat soon.
  8. locced

    Release Update

    Any updates on this release? I can't connect to the server, and judging by faction forums and overall forum activity I'd say it's not up yet?
  9. Guilty Gear: Strive is a good one
  10. He's the real deal compared to other small streamers
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