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  1. Brims Originally known as the "L.A. Brims", The Brims (aka the "Hat Gang") were 1 of the original street gangs that helped form the Blood Alliance along with other gangs such as the Pirus, the Bishops, the Denver Lane Bloods (only known as the Denver Lanes back then), Athens Park Bloods (simply known as the Athens Boys before the Blood Alliance) and the Black P. Stones. These gangs all had been independently active since 1969 and 1970, before the Blood Alliance was formed. A meeting between these gangs was called on Piru Street in Compton, California by The Pirus, who had also invited every other independent street gang at war with the Crips in L.A. County to join the meeting. In 1972, The Crips had murdered an L.A. Brim member by the name of "Lil Country" earlier that year, so the Brims attended the meeting as well. By 1972, the Pirus, Brims, Black P. Stones and several other neighborhoods began to fight with the Crips and the rivalry between Crips and Bloods was born. Davis Davis is a neighborhood with a high amount of afro-americans and hispanics living there, it's very common the formation of criminal groups around the corners and alleys in the neighborhood, tagging walls is a way the gangs found to show where their territory is and is often crossed by rivals who wants to take over the turf to expand their influence and make more money selling drugs. If you step in one street wearing the wrong color in the neighborhood you could end up being approached by gang members for mistaking you for rivals, tension explodes between red and blue in some parts of the neighborhood, for the residents the shootings have already became part of their routine. Bloods, crips and southerners can be seen a posted up in some parts of the neighborhood, tension between gangs also grows and conflicts can happen for silly reasons that end in shootings. It’s also common to see gangs that carry the same colors fighting each other for territories, it’s common to see crips or bloods sets fighting each other, sometimes they have more rivalry between themselves than with rival gangs. The gang culture is so ingrained in the neighborhood that young people are dazzled by the glamor of being a gang member as they see members flaunting it on social media, the false sense of brotherhood and loyalty is also a strong factor for young kids to join gangs, the neighborhood has a predominance of low-income people, many of them have their parents working a lot and don’t have their attention at home and look for that feeling of family on the streets, others also have relatives associated with gangs, it is common to have a cousin , brother, uncle and even parents linked to some gang in the neighborhood so for some that is the only life they know. 30s Murder Town Brims 30s Murder Town Brims was founded in the late 90s under the 20s Holly Hood Brims, a fight started between the founders of the Murder Town clique with the core members from Holly Hood Brims over the profits made by the group, what made the two groups split and start a beef with each other in 2004, what lasted until 2009 when the 30s took over all the turf and the Holly Hood Brims went defunct. The gang stood under the radar for a couple years, until they appeared on the news again in 2013, after two members were convicted for 15 years after raping a 14 year old girl. After that the police patrolling and the investigations on the gang was increased and more convictions happened, in less than three years seventeen members where arrested for drug trafficking, assault, murder and dozens of other crimes. That made the gang slowly starting lose control over their turf and other gangs took over the territory they couldn't handle anymore. Since then the set has been struggling to grow in members and turf, what made the profits from drug trafficking they were making have a huge drop.
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