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  1. just admit y'all winging this and got no real clue what ur doing lmao
  2. LSRP is a comical meme as well as a great case study for how to run a successful and profitable community right into the dirt by laze and nepotism.
  3. SmallFry

    July Update

    Keep stringing 'em along, fishy swede boy.
  4. The real roleplay is the pretending that this server will ever launch, and if it does that it wont just instantly be an abject failure only kept alive by the few people banned on GTA:W who can't move on with their lives.
  5. LSRP has always been a core of people who enjoy RPing making the server active fleeced by a bunch of weird foreigners who can poorly script and position themselves with skype/discord dick-sucking to wield petty authority on e-communities to compensate for their inadequate real lives. RP'ers are the cows that get milked by weirdo's who live for fake internet "clout" in insular communities. Mow didn't RP and was a weirdo. DamianC didn't RP and was a weirdo. Krisk didn't RP and was a weirdo. Mmartin doesn't RP and is a weirdo. When they got a server with enough momentum going, they milked it. It was never the scripters or admins who made LSRP decent; LSRP was decent at times in spite of their bullshit. When the player count dropped and alternatives appeared, the house of cards collapsed. LSRP was always hamstrung by its poor admins/leadership; it could in theory of kept going a lot, lot, lot longer (perhaps still) if it was run with the intention of creating a positive RP space and not as a e-fief for degenerates with no life.
  6. SmallFry

    March Release Update

    Mmartin hitting the casino again or something?
  7. SmallFry

    March Release Update

    You guys are happy to continue to solicit donations and run a Patreon and milk money from the "community" without offering any accountability to those foolish enough to fund you. If its not laziness, its incompetence, if its not either of those then its willfully ripping off the naive (or underage) while under-delivering. Or a mix of all three. Then again; I don't know why anyone is surprised. You all took over the most successful, untouchable, SAMP server and ran it into the ground.
  8. SmallFry

    March Release Update

    They didn't run or found it during its heydey, they just took charge of a slowly sinking ship and looted it while it went down, thinking it'd last forever.
  9. SmallFry

    March Release Update

    if u all struggle this hard just to launch ur server the hope for ongoing dev and support is pretty miserable theres only so far u can ride the nostalgia train before ppl realize ur incompetent/lazy
  10. no it was terrible, it inhibits investigative RP, robbery RP, and allowed ppl to NC with mass criminal assets and start up criminal groups that didnt need to network at all based on their OOC holdings. it literally undermined/destroyed meaningful drug/gun networks & was one of the peak cringe limitations of SAMP rp that kept so many real organic criminal situations from happening. gta:w for all its flaws has a much better system at present, dont have 2 copy it identically could improve it, but the idea that despawning cars filled with kilos of drugs and 100's of guns makes for quality rp is just a joke. i would 1000x take their system over the SAMP system, but u could do even better than theirs easily. it sure would be depressing to see LSRP just re-invent every shitty non-RP system due to a lack of creativity
  11. i find it depressing ppl want some mickey mouse non-rp bullshit where they can stockpile kilos of guns and drugs in a way that is virtually impervious to any loss like that really doesnt help criminal rp at all and is one reason the drug economy on lsrp was a joke its so non-rp and stupid and lazy and bad and it depresses me people have no desire for progress
  12. idk a drugged out prostitute/stripper or a criminal defense lawyer or a japanese doctor
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