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  1. Need them drugs, every drug
  2. Yall better not be abusing that power or ima have to bust a cap in that ass.
  3. call me big homie, O.G., father, jefe.. simple cuhzo
  4. My player bought doge IC im rich already
  5. I need me a squid game thottie
  6. Best soundtrack and my childhood..
  7. San andreas the GOAT.. once i discovered samp my life was complete..
  8. Zion_

    NBA 2K22

    2k on PC is trash
  9. Idlewood gas triple OG
  10. Lol would be cool but nah
  11. Prison RP.. but RIP HBG iykyk
  12. Smoked backwoods for years, shits terrible for you.. Switched to putting a strip of fronto ina raw paper, still a blunt just more healthy..
  13. Zion_

    Space 🌎

    Hate to break it to ya but NASA and space is a scam
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