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  1. Gazura


    I'll give 10 for feet pics
  2. PC situation sorted out, I believe. Should have some more of these coming up.
  3. Nope, nothing to enhance the visuals here. I don't have any mods on my game. It's all Rockstar Editor and Menyoo.
  4. No it's a hint to when they're closing the discord since the server is being let go
  5. Gazura


    We can't see either of those unfortunately
  6. When the server releases. How do I lose weight?
  7. this man didn't know how to set up his forum signature. smh
  8. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING was at the mall and it was an easy way to be spoon fed so called "RP" so people would just flock there. Ads, clothes, some cosmetic only melee weapons, etc all available at the mall. So if necessities were available across a few hotspots where different types of people would naturally flock in to is crucial to ensuring a mall situation doesn't occur again.
  9. Bless up. I've got more coming. If anyone got suggesting, hmu
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