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  1. Nope, nothing to enhance the visuals here. I don't have any mods on my game. It's all Rockstar Editor and Menyoo.
  2. No it's a hint to when they're closing the discord since the server is being let go
  3. Gazura


    We can't see either of those unfortunately
  4. When the server releases. How do I lose weight?
  5. this man didn't know how to set up his forum signature. smh
  6. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING was at the mall and it was an easy way to be spoon fed so called "RP" so people would just flock there. Ads, clothes, some cosmetic only melee weapons, etc all available at the mall. So if necessities were available across a few hotspots where different types of people would naturally flock in to is crucial to ensuring a mall situation doesn't occur again.
  7. Bless up. I've got more coming. If anyone got suggesting, hmu
  8. Out of Character. The Misfits are represented by members of its community, comprised of residents in the Bilingsgate Motel and the surrounding Jamestown area. The members also frequent the liquor store down the street, and claim the specific corner as well. Graffiti, both new and faded over 25 years, can be found on nearly all public property on the block, especially in the nearby alleyway, though they leave the church largely untouched. Focusing on a sense of community and survival in a city wrapped in poverty, the Misfits' ultimate goal is self-preservation. No specific ethnicity, race, gender, culture or age define the Misfits - but rather their home does. If you call the area home, you are welcome. My goal for the Misfits was to create an avenue of illegal roleplay that accepted a broad range of characters, to unite different archetypes (thugs, punks, rebels, outcasts, bikers, parents, druggies) under one street-gang styled faction that they otherwise would not be able to participate within. While the culture is largely 'urban', the Misfits is largely still in its infancy within the universe. The faction as a whole can be molded and influenced by the members within, truly making the gang's identity, history, and culture organic and a product of the members and players themselves, allowing character development and storytelling to flourish. Recruitment is handled in-character and typically reserved for those within the area, with some exceptions. If you're interested in playing a brand new face, players can interact with the gang in-character and recruitment can move from there. Otherwise, you can speak with me and other leadership on having a pre-established history with the group. Inspiration is drawn from the 1979 film The Warriors and old friends from my hometown of Memphis. You can contact me via Discord if you are interested. The gang's official server can be found here: https://discord.gg/gMmjxEuxR2 Or you can reach out to me personally: Gaz#0989
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