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  1. You won't be arresting me. I'll be running a legitimate business!
  2. Since we don't have a counterpart to /dl, maybe /examinevehicle [LICENSE PLATE]?
  3. Yes. I agree with what you're saying - I'd personally enjoy it a lot more if everything is roleplayed behind the scenes. Let me provide jobs by getting people to work in grow facilities. Let me pay people to work a dispensary. Get a hospital faction to write prescriptions and provide medical cards, think Pillbox from the other server but actually active. A good system of realistic pros and cons to the quality of weed you're using would be great. Dirt weed gives a minimal health boost in comparison to professionally grown buds, but it's cheaper. (Though personally, the drug effect system in general rubs me the wrong way. I wish everything was more roleplay-oriented, but you can't really get everything.)
  4. I like this idea. If Bolingbroke is going to be roleplayed as an actual prison rather than a county jail, this would be interesting. Might even make a lifer if prison is in depth and engaging.
  5. None, because RAGE forced an update rendering ENBs and such useless due to EAC. Kinda blows.
  6. This is a wonderful idea. On a different server (one I probably don't have to name), the team in charge of illegal factions straight up denied it on an OOC level. I think proposing it in character is a great idea if people take it seriously.
  7. A subject I've been thinking about for a while is the legalization of marijuana on the server. As we all know, Los Santos is based on Los Angeles, and marijuana is legal for recreational use in Los Angeles. There are an estimated one thousand dispensary businesses in Los Angeles alone. Take five minutes to load up Grand Theft Auto V and cruise around Vinewood and you'll find that it's almost like there's a dispensary on every corner. I've noticed, at least in my experience, not a single roleplay server has chosen to roleplay legal marijuana - is there any chance LSRP could be the first? I believe it could provide a nice boost to drug roleplay as well as opening a new avenue for business roleplay. Perhaps with an in-depth drug system, street weed and dispensary weed could differ in quality as they should, meaning you'd be given the choice between cheap weed or high quality weed. What's everyone's thought on this?
  8. @La Tweaker You make some great points. I will say the coddling of sub-par civilian roleplayers is very off-putting when roleplaying a criminal, as sometimes it can seem like admins are simply out to get you, depending on who you end up dealing with. I just hope this server has everyone on more equal footing.
  9. The problem on GTA World stems from both sides, however. In addition to civilians providing subpar experiences for roleplayers of other types, there's also subpar roleplay coming from the criminal element as well. There's only so much copy/paste robbery roleplay by people wearing checkered clothes that people can take before they've had enough.
  10. Rockstar used to be very modder-friendly. In the early 2010s, the Rockstar Games Newswire would contain articles about the mods that were around for IV at the time that they were impressed with. https://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/4k412883829854/zombie-invasion-mod-for-gtaiv-pc.html
  11. This is the correct answer, honestly. Trying to roleplay a realistic time parallel to real life timeframes is impossible because GTA V's map is compressed hardcore. As a matter of fact, converting VGM to real life miles, you'd find that the entirety of GTA V's map is about the same size as South Central is in real life. It's just not possible.
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