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  1. The 30 minutes it takes to put the old forum back up would delay the server too much obviously
  2. I do wish LSRP stuck with the samp server and kept updating it, improving it etc. I think it'd still be around today, the only reason the original samp playerbase crashed from like 150-200 players peak all the way down to like 50 in just a few weeks is several major factions all quit due to issues with the way the server was being handled, then others followed suit. That being said it's way too late to go back to samp. Those that want to play samp should play on the heavy rp server on samp that has popped up since LSRP's samp server went off. But the staff should push forward with V
  3. Won't advertise them but there is a heavy samp english server that has a decent playerbase for those who still wanna play samp
  4. Should've just put the effort in to keeping the samp server alive and making the changes the players wanted.
  5. Chuckles summed it up well the ultimate death of LSRP was essentially when in the span of a few weeks Valenti and several other "elitist" factions closed. While the population had declined over the years it plummeted from around 175-200 players at peak to 30-50. Once the server got to that low number of players standards absolutely fell apart and the server nearly became unplayable. When I first started roleplaying I was in my mid teens and there was nothing more fun than getting into a daily 50+ person brawl between BBB and Hoovers. However, now I'm in my early 20s and what I find fun when it comes to roleplay is much different. Not saying everyone needs to be like me but obviously by this thread many feel similar. I also think many people would feel the opposite of you, that standards on the other server aren't high enough. My favorite year on LSRP was probably 2018-2019, sure we didn't have 600 players but the quality over quantity was much better.
  6. Everyday we sit without the old forums we lose more and more of the fourteen years of history on that server as screenshots go away. It would take less than an hour to make the edits to allow it to open up and place a notice for anyone visiting that the community moved to GTA-V. There is so many useful guides, screenshots and information that players can get off those forums to apply on this server. Please re-consider keeping it closed until launch.
  7. You and people like Apophis were apart of the bad side of LSRP. Flemwad you singehandily brought GOV rp to it's knees because you wouldn't trust players. Apophis makes this thread, but people celebrated when he left. He wasn't apart of the positive side of LSRP. He was never one of "us" as he says. The six years I spent on LSRP was the greatest gaming experience of my life. Playing alongside some amazing people, the community is what made LSRP great. The factions, the solo rpers and the people who were behind them. What bogged this server down was always stemming from one source, management. Yet nobody in management believes they were the problem. Just look at this thread, nobody thinks they were apart of the problem.
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