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  3. Hi all, Today I'm happy to announce that we've now opened up the business section of the forums. We've decided to allow players to apply for a business lease in order to establish business roleplay on the server initially. There are plans to make these businesses buy-able further down the line once there is enough money in the economy for players to be able to afford these businesses. In order to encourage larger companies/factions to run these businesses we've decided that you must own a company in order to apply for a business. The business lease will be free for the first 2 weeks, after this you'll be expected to pay a monthly leasing fee. A pre-defined list of businesses are available to lease throughout the city and will be expanded on. The below initial clubs and bars are well-known locations on the map to aid new players in locating them whilst we launch the server. Players will have more business types and locations available to them on the launch of the server. The requirements for a lease can be found below: You need to have plans to own a company to create an application for a business. Pre Launch: You must have plans to own a company to create an application for a business. If you are accepted and end up not owning a company the business will be revoked. You need at least 6 people listed in one application, which helps run the business. You lease this business, meaning you pay a monthly lease fee for it. You cannot transfer the lease without lead admin approval. It needs to make sense for your character to own and run this business. You can find more information along with the application format here. Thank you, Baker
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  6. Hi all, As most of you are aware, the Faction Team has been working hard on establishing the core illegal script systems along with guidelines and rules surrounding illegal roleplay. This blog post will provide an update on what the Faction Team has been working on, along with how the illegal roleplay scene will play out when we launch the server. Faction Tier System The Faction Team has re-developed the faction tier system and this will provide factions with specific perks and rewards as they move through the tiers towards official. A lot of brainstorming has gone into this system and is based off issues we encountered during the SA-MP server. Unofficial (eligible to apply for any scheme after 1 month of being open) Verified (attained after being open for 3 months and having a successful application) Official (determined after a minimum of 3 months whilst being Verified) Drug Scheme The Faction Team has decided on taking a completely new approach to the Drug System/Scheme and have suggested that instead of giving drugs directly to the players, we will provide them with both the utilities and ingredients needed to manufacture the drugs. Players can still receive drugs from Faction Team in cases that certain drugs aren't able to be manufactured currently. You may apply to join the Drug Scheme once you have been open for 1 month. Weapon Scheme Unofficial Factions will be able to apply to the Weapon Scheme after 1 month of being open - applicants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed admittance into the scheme. The amount of weapons and ammo given is something exclusive to members of the scheme and is based on faction size and status (unofficial, verified or official). The 1 month period will begin from the day the server launches and having a faction thread for more than a month pre-launch doesn't make you eligible. Join a Scheme Pre-Launch In order to have an effective drug and weapon system in place from day 1 on the server. We're looking to introduce some members to these schemes pre-launch. This means you won't have to wait the original month (stated above) but you'll be required to have exceptional illegal roleplay experience and a good-standing history in the community to reserve yourself a spot. Requirements for the pre-launch scheme: Only factions will be able to apply. You must have a minimum of 10 faction members. Must be the leader of the faction that is applying. Must have experience in/around illegal factions. Must have a good standing in the community The Weapon & Drug Scheme will be open for applications from the time of this blog post (22nd January 2022). Applications will close on the 24th February 2022. You can apply to join the pre-launch scheme by following this link. Thanks for reading, Baker
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