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  1. Hi all, As most of you are aware, the Faction Team has been working hard on establishing the core illegal script systems along with guidelines and rules surrounding illegal roleplay. This blog post will provide an update on what the Faction Team has been working on, along with how the illegal roleplay scene will play out when we launch the server. Faction Tier System The Faction Team has re-developed the faction tier system and this will provide factions with specific perks and rewards as they move through the tiers towards official. A lot of brainstorming has gone into this system and is based off issues we encountered during the SA-MP server. Unofficial (eligible to apply for any scheme after 1 month of being open) Verified (attained after being open for 3 months and having a successful application) Official (determined after a minimum of 3 months whilst being Verified) Drug Scheme The Faction Team has decided on taking a completely new approach to the Drug System/Scheme and have suggested that instead of giving drugs directly to the players, we will provide them with both the utilities and ingredients needed to manufacture the drugs. Players can still receive drugs from Faction Team in cases that certain drugs aren't able to be manufactured currently. You may apply to join the Drug Scheme once you have been open for 1 month. Weapon Scheme Unofficial Factions will be able to apply to the Weapon Scheme after 1 month of being open - applicants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed admittance into the scheme. The amount of weapons and ammo given is something exclusive to members of the scheme and is based on faction size and status (unofficial, verified or official). The 1 month period will begin from the day the server launches and having a faction thread for more than a month pre-launch doesn't make you eligible. Join a Scheme Pre-Launch In order to have an effective drug and weapon system in place from day 1 on the server. We're looking to introduce some members to these schemes pre-launch. This means you won't have to wait the original month (stated above) but you'll be required to have exceptional illegal roleplay experience and a good-standing history in the community to reserve yourself a spot. Requirements for the pre-launch scheme: Only factions will be able to apply. You must have a minimum of 10 faction members. Must be the leader of the faction that is applying. Must have experience in/around illegal factions. Must have a good standing in the community The Weapon & Drug Scheme will be open for applications from the time of this blog post (22nd January 2022). Applications will close on the 24th February 2022. You can apply to join the pre-launch scheme by following this link. Thanks for reading, Baker
  2. Hi all, Rules of Engagement The Faction Team has completely re-written the Rules of Engagement and this has now been finalized. The Rules of Engagement may be subject to amendments/changes after server launch. A Q&A topic will be created in the Faction Team Public Section to ask questions about the ROE. No suggestions for alterations to the ROE will be taken until at-least a month after the server has launched and it has been trialed. The Rules of Engagement can be found on the top menu bar under 'Rules'. For ease, you can also find the Rules of Engagement here. All Factions are expected to familiarize themselves with the Rules of Engagement, no grace period will be given after the launch of the server - hence why these are being released now pre-launch to give everyone a reasonable amount of time to get familiar with them. Faction Team Public Faction Team Public has now been re-created and has been set up on the new forums. This is ran and managed by the entire Faction Team. If you're interested in providing your input on the illegal roleplay scene then joining the Faction Team Public is one of the first steps to joining the Faction Team. You'll be responsible for providing your input on any topics surrounding illegal roleplay and factions, along with coming up with ideas and suggestions of your own to enhance the illegal roleplay scene. In order to be considered for the Faction Team Public you're required to have experience and knowledge of the illegal roleplay scene. We're looking for individuals who are able to work well within a team and can maintain a consistent activity. You must also have a good standing within the community. You can join the Faction Team Public here. You may have to wait some time for your membership to be accepted or denied. Faction Team Recruitment We are once again looking to add some fresh faces to the Faction Team. If you're someone with an interest in developing the illegal roleplay scene on LS-RP then this position may be of interest to you! You'll be expected to actively contribute towards discussions surrounding illegal roleplay and factions and attend team meetings on a weekly basis. We're looking for people with experience and knowledge of the illegal roleplay scene who can work well within a team. You're also required to be a member of Faction Team Public and be actively contributing there to be considered for the team. Information on joining the Faction Team can be found inside the Faction Team Public section here. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Thanks for reading, Baker
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  7. FACTION ADVANCEMENT Official status is decided and given by the Faction Team, it is a slow and delicate process. Official status means your faction is chosen to represent LS:RP server and to be a role model for the general community. This status comes with extra perks and responsibility. Below are some of the things that are considered for official faction; Leadership and cooperation. Strong and active leadership means stability and organization. Leadership is responsible for everything concerning their faction. Communication and cooperation between the leadership and the faction management are extremely important. Active member base and sustainability. Prove to be stable and active over time. To be considered as an active a faction must have at least 5 to 10 active members by average. The faction management needs to be able to see that a faction has it in them to stay active and consistent. Faction environment, realism, and progression. Create and provide an environment that is enjoyable for everybody to see and be around with. Be realistic to a degree, unique, and simply make sense within the world of San Andreas. Build a faction that sparks interest for it's progression. LS:RP rules, faction rules, and common sense. The ability to follow all of the rules are expected. An official faction needs to be able to set an example for the general community to look up to. Always be observant of any changes concerning factions and the server's limitations. UNOFFICIAL FACTION → VERIFIED FACTION Before applying to become a verified faction, please ensure you meet the below requirements: Must have been an unofficial faction for at least 3 months. No faction strikes in the last 3-months. At least 5 active members. VERIFIED FACTION → OFFICIAL FACTION You do not need to apply to become an official faction if you are verified. You will be considered for official status after a minimum of 3-months as a verified faction. There are a number of contributing factors whether a faction will be given official or not and there's no guarantee you will / will not receive official after 3 months. APPLICATION Please send the below application to a member of Faction Team Council.
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