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  1. 25 minutes ago, Doug Dimmadome said:

    If you know so much how come you didn't include the FGC-9? Instead you chose Glocks with auto sears as if there's no significant other.


    California Penal Code 30352. California Penal Code 30370.


    For someone living in a state with terrible gun laws you should know how hard it is to obtain ammunition and firearms, yet in your guide you describe getting new gun parts or ammunition as simple as purchasing a bus ticket (as a felon). At first I was hoping you would improve it and take it kindly because I had no ill intent, but now I know you're unreasonable and incompetent. Don't bother replying. It's low effort. Your guide is trash.


    There's no federal firearms registry in the United States. You can manufacture as many firearms as you want, so long you're not a convicted felon and give each one of them a serial number (in most states). Only NFA articles are subjected to a tax stamp.

    What no bitches does to a nigga, so read the penal code on GETTING bitches 

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