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    Damage System Preview

    It seems like it takes a lot of bullets for someone to get dropped. Is this intended?
  2. Zachh

    UFC Discussions

    You didn't say it but I did, because he did, seems it's you who didn't know weight classes well.. Kind of losing attention, I think you're the one trying to argue with the essays, I just wanted a discussion and was explaining why everyone says Khabib is the best. Don't disagree, as I said I can't differentiate who is better. That's Jon Jones' argument for why he's the goat, on top of the fact that he fucked up Daniel Cormier, and then of course the argument against him is peds/controversies. I pretty much said Khabib's side, becoming exponentially better, dominating top opponents in a stacked division, comes into his last fight weighed down by his dad's death and still, lets an easy submission go to not beat his opponent graphically in front of his family, goes for a harder submission and gets that anyway. (Who does that, let alone in a championship fight) And then usually the argument against him is he didn't fight long enough or he's boring/wrestler.
  3. Zachh

    UFC Discussions

    What are you saying, you're talking as if dropping weight classes makes you better and now you're saying I said it and that I don't know what cutting weight is, I don't even know what you're saying anymore. What... he lost two more times in lightweight against Poirier... I really don't know what you're saying anymore. Brother, you should check the analytics, most people who change weights do not have very different results, no matter if they go up or down, weight cutting harder doesn't magically make you better, you just feel even more like shit most of the time. Like who is a recent example we saw go down in weight, didn't Diego Sanchez go down and get his ass kicked and went right back up? Or if you even want to use what you're talking about right now as an example, Conor doing well at 170 and then going down to 155 and getting destroyed by Khabib + Dustin x2 lol. I just said he chooses to remain lean, he could have a transformation like Jon Jones if he wanted to, like how is he going to defend a LHW title if he won it? Instead you're making excuses about how LHW isn't fair for him, let alone a guy who is 6'4 lol. He thought he was too good against wrestling, like how you're acting. You're all over the place trying to glue the pieces together here lol as if he was forced to go for double champ in another weight, and then he wouldn't have to defend it, and then be like "well it was unfair for him to fight at a weight that's normal for his size.. Jan has the advantage.." lmfao what.. He would if they met half way at a reasonable weight, not in a world where he becomes obese trying to add 50 pounds, next we're going to be talking about who would win Brandon Moreno vs Derrick Lewis lol. Yes, but you think the goat means who could kick each other's ass, of course a heavyweight will always be the goat then, that's why you think Jon Jones is the goat and why most of the mma community disagrees with you and thinks Khabib is the goat. Recency bias, bro what....... Jon Jones and Khabib both just fought last year, they're like the same age too...... Yes, I just said I don't watch football lol
  4. Game of Thrones for adventure, The Office for humor, For All Mankind for sci-fi (Decent show, not amazing, but I predict it could get really good as it goes on)
  5. Not a bad idea, if we were to decide to allow real life news into the server. Maybe the admin team giving SAN some guidelines, and from there the team at SAN determines what news gets allowed into the game.
  6. Zachh

    UFC Discussions

    ?? You're the one that brought up fighting in other weight classes. And they would both be the same weight class, unless you're saying dropping down a weight class makes you do better. And then you say Izzy would definitely win because he's bigger, but he's bigger than Jan too, and chose to remain lean, you're jumping all over the place trying to piece together a reason Khabib is not one of the best lol. Fought top contenders, and Khabib hasn't? RDA, Barboza, Poirier, Gaethje and McGregor are not/were not top contenders, alright. Whaat, first Blachowicz now Yoel Romero is a better wrestler than Khabib, oh my... I don't think you will find one person in UFC that agrees with you dawg, you might get banned from an MMA forum for trolling lol. I don't know, I don't watch many other sports, I hear people debate between Ronaldo, Neymar or Messi all the time though. That's literally the point, he started having exponential growth and dominating elite opponents, his potential was cut short and everyone saw it. Middleweight Khabib was already pushing it, now you want to talk about a heavyweight Khabib, and then you said I'm the one bringing up weight class, after I just compare them to their opponents lol?? The only opinino I have is that Ciryl Gane will beat Jon Jones because they're actual opponents. Outside of that I see Jon Jones and Khabib as equally skilled against their opponents, I think them along with GSP are all 3 the greatest.
  7. Zachh

    UFC Discussions

    I never said Jon Jones wasn't a goat either.. you're the one talking about how there can only be one, there's never one goat, people almost always talk about like top 5 in the mma community, it's so hard to tell. How am I casual, a casual would base decisions off records lol so many (maybe majority?) of current and ex-UFC fighters call Khabib elite because you can see how good someone is from how they fight. Again, Jon Jones is a goat too, but he also went to decision against all the top fighters, while Khabib started dominating top opponents and finishing all of them with ease, it's clear he's one of the best. But I do think Ciryl Gane is a new goat, and if Jon fights again, that's who he'll lose to, personally. ??Watch Izzy?? Izzy got wrestled by Jan Blachowicz and couldn't do anything the whole fight.. need I say Jan got outwrestled by Glover, and you think Izzy would win against Khabib?? I'm not even a Khabib fan either, I said my favorite fighters above, but it's just pretty obvious how good he was, I guess Makhachev will just continue it now anyway though.
  8. I think it would be good, with only companies on the server. Let our money actually invest in a company, and let the company's performance guide how its stock does, instead of creating stocks for fake companies that have no impact on the server.. however there's the problem of easy market manipulation since there will obviously be a lot less investors than the real world market, it'll take some planning. Crypto would be cool too, it will probably age well.. funny if you think about how original LS-RP opened in 2007 and smart phones, social media, etc. weren't really a thing and the server adopted it as time went on. Probably the same with crypto, but also interesting to think how different this server may be in 10 years.
  9. Zachh

    UFC Discussions

    This is exactly the same reason applied to the only people that claim Khabib isn't a goat though. They don't want to admit that he's good, because they don't like his fighting style. Who would y'all say is the wrestling goat then? Daniel Cormier? Because he was double champ? Even he has said Khabib was better than him, and he believes Khabib is the best fighter of all time. So now what?
  10. Pretty big fan of separating real life from the game. Whether it's covid or, for example, police brutality situations, in my opinion it would be better if people only focused on in game police brutality situations and we create our own world. I've done it before though, there were some times that I RPed real world sports events in LS-RP, but admittedly, I would gladly rather talk about an in game sports league if there was one. Also never got down with the whole using pictures of people from real life/social media for my character either, a bit weird to me.
  11. Probably something for government to handle: A construction company. Surely you'll handle business registrations and regulation, would be a good opportunity for more civilian roleplay, especially if scripted. Also a good application of a popular topic, which is numerous money sinks to keep people's wallets tame, compared to original LS-RP where people racked up infinite money. The purchaser of the property has to pay construction costs (maybe only if it's a different type of business from the previous owner or something) and your construction workers will head there and work on it for a period of time before the business can even be used in the script. Other responsibilities for them can be implemented as well if this is a scripted system, such as decay around the city like recorded damage of when cars hit signs, light poles, walls, etc. or just over time incidents such as pipe bursts or potholes, I could even script it if needed.
  12. There's a lot of talk about implementing a solid, functioning, LS High School. Great opportunity for a School Resource Officer division for SD.
  13. Zachh

    Crypto & NFTs

    Yup, it's volatile in the way that it can drop hard, but that means it's equally volatile when it skyrockets hard. And it always does rebound with a hard skyrocket. Even in college they teach about crypto, it's not something made up, it's likely the future of currency, I mean even governments are recognizing it. I wouldn't mind if government starts regulating, all the idiots who just use it to make money and keep crashing the value will be done. But I have to admit, it's nice being able to sell something and not having to worry about them charging back and scamming you. But for the buyer, that means you have to make sure you have a good product before you give them the money.
  14. A bit off topic but the avatars are pretty bad quality, possible to fix them? Surely it's not just me.
  15. I was Dodgers/Undead on the original LS-RP. Started playing in 2008, and played a ton for a few years, although I was pretty young back then and played less as time went on. Some of my characters include Dan Saget, Michael Dodger, Osiel Hererra, Boquan Johnson, Kyoshi Suzuki, Matt Force, Danny Boucher/DJ Ghosty. Played in SASD, LSPD, EMS, 424, Ryder Blocc, Locotes, Colonial Watts, Outfit, Akuji-kai, SAN, LS-FM.. I was also the chairman of the hockey league, and principal of Los Santos High, lol. If we roleplayed together, let me know!
  16. This is one of the ideas I floated on multiple occasions but it didn't seem very popular. My wish has always been for when you die, it's a CK, no matter what. Also avoids a lot of problems with revenge killing, memory loss rules, etc. People will think a lot harder before they do something stupid, they will not be interested in dying just to avoid getting arrested, shootouts and crime in general will be more rare as it should be, more civilian roleplay. It also keeps people from hogging properties, creates more funeral roleplay, people drive more realistically and more careful, doesn't give people too much time to get stupid rich, constantly meeting new characters with new stories, etc. it's all around a great idea, really, but it seems people were scared of it for whatever reason, maybe opinions towards it have changed.
  17. One time Akuji-kai and 424 had a meeting, on the edge of war, in the Akuji-kai alleyway. There was about 100 people packed into one little alleyway fully armed to teeth, if things got ugly it would have been a massacre, if anyone here was in either of the two factions they will remember lol. I remember two LSPD cadets were patrolling and probably saw all the vehicles on the radar or were just wandering around, pulled into the alleyway, saw 100+ people armed with SMG's and rifles, and just slowly backed up and left. The meeting dissolved shortly after that.
  18. Zachh

    Crypto & NFTs

    2016: Crypto will die, crypto is not the future (Bitcoin: $400) 2017: Crypto will die, crypto is not the future (Bitcoin: $3000) 2018: Crypto will die, crypto is not the future (Bitcoin: $7000) 2019: Crypto will die, crypto is not the future (Bitcoin: $11000) 2020: See it's not moving, crypto is dead (Bitcoin: $11000) 2021: Crypto will die, crypto is not the future (Bitcoin: $65000) People keep coping with their missed opportunity by hoping it just all suddenly crashes so they didn't make the wrong choice, even some people in this thread. But I definitely agree, invest in something that actually has purpose and can actually be used as a currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano.. too many idiots that don't realize what crypto actually is, and just see it as some scheme to get rich. You're not "investing" in shiba inu coin or a squid game coin, you're just hoping to magically get rich and fixing to lose your money lol
  19. Zachh

    UFC Discussions

    Makhachev and Chimaev are about to take over the game. Just recently started paying attention to Islam but have been a fan of Khamzat since his UFC debut. My favorites are Suga and D-Brun though, and waiting for AJ Fletcher to make his debut. Only if you don't pay attention to UFC, McGregor was a pretty sizable underdog coming into that fight. He's a wrestler, and a solid one, and casual fans don't want to get behind a wrestler. He beat all the current LW greats, and pretty easily too, I don't know if he's the goat, but I don't know what else he needs to do to be up there. I mean the guy literally let his submission on Gaethje go in the middle of a title fight because he didn't want to beat him too horrifically Infront of his family lol
  20. Zachh

    Space 🌎

    Been following everything space very carefully for a while now, especially Starship, been a huge space enthusiast since I was a child, hoping to work in the space industry after I graduate. But Starship is going to be something really amazing, beautiful spacecraft and the way it moves just looks unbelievable.. has a lot of challenges it has to face but the hype is real, just realized this is up to 80 million views now.
  21. 3 way tie between SA-MP, TBC/WOTLK World of Warcraft and Vanilla Archeage.
  22. Remasters aren't good usually. No one cares to roleplay on SA anyway, everyone has moved to GTA5. If anyone is playing DE they're just going to play through the single player and uninstall.
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