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    [video]https://youtu.be/0fAQhSRLQnM[/video] [justify]First of all, joining the crew changed everything. And let me explain this to you. Everything in life may run on money, but in the mob, that's literally the only thing that matters. When you join, you become a part of a machine. And whether you like it or not, the machine doesn't stop, it doesn't break, and the only purpose it ever serves is making more money. So what's your role? What do you do? Exactly that. You make money. Not because you want to. No. You do it because you HAVE to. And if you don't? You're history. You're gone. Nobody's even gonna remember you existed. That's it. And the funny truth about all of this is - the moment you come to a conclusion like this is usually the moment it all settles in, and even though you've known it all along, that's when it truly hits you: "Holy shit. I'm in the fucking mob." But hey, that's your new day-to-day reality, buddy. After all, nobody forced you, you wanted this. Right? You know, Bill would always tell me how of all of this, the life itself, was about "loyalty" and "respect". How that would get you farther than anything else in this life and how this was what this thing of ours was all about. And if I'm being honest? A part of me wanted to believe him. After all, it felt good knowing we had principles and values. That there was honor among thieves. But still, even then, it wasn't hard to see past the fairy tales, I mean. I knew what the mob was really about and that the only way to stay afloat was to earn and keep your mouth shut. So that's what I did, I earned. Besides, regardless of our beliefs, I still had a lot of respect for Bill. The man was practically like a father to us, and the way he handled things? It was sensible, forthright. It really made you feel like you were in good hands. Like everything was alright and that things were going to be OK as long as you didn't step out of line. I trusted him, more than others. And in this life? Believe me, that's saying something. Still, those were the days I miss the most. My Philly problems were long-settled, I was making good money through my connections in and out of the crew and even Bill was beginning to be happy with what I was laying on the table. The wines n' dines at the restaurant, late-night drinks and cards with the guys, the money, the ladies - all of it became the new norm, our second nature. And going back in time, honestly? Guys like us had everything. Life was good. [justify]The way they usually bring on new guys into the crew is - a guy appears around, gets known, gains trust from the right people, and eventually somebody's gonna have to vouch for the guy. See, when you vouch for somebody, anybody, it means that you're personally guaranteeing the reputation of a person that's dealing with the family, with your life. It means that if, and ever, the guy that you brought in either steps way outta line, goes to the cops, turns out to be an agent or anything else that's along those lines? You know it's you that's gonna be held accountable. I mean, you might as well pop one in your head yourself at that point, cause chances are you'll be doing yourself a favor. Y'know? Cause you gotta understand. It's a very serious thing. You don't just vouch for anybody. And frankly, when somebody vouches for somebody, usually they're so close they could be family. I mean shit, a lot of the times they ARE family. So with all of this in mind, when I vouched for Rocky, I naturally had my reasons. Now, if anyone here's been following the story from the get-go, you'll remember that Rocky, ironically, was the guy that brought me in and introduced me to Artie LoZoppo, during a time when I was dead broke and seriously in debt. In so many words, Rocky threw me a lifeline when nobody else would. Felt only fair that I return the favor. But more importantly, I knew Rocky. He was the only guy I really trusted. A simple man. Sincere and loyal. I'd known him for long enough to know that here was a guy that would never fuck me over. And that's a rarity in this life. That's why I brought him in. Because, let me tell you something, when the chips are down, the only thing you can rely on in this life, is friends like that. Why? Let me tell you why. See, as the years passed by, many many guys I had known closely, like Little Mike, Artie, Charles, Mark, my good friend Ray - everyone wind up dead, six feet under. And when you see everyone around you disappear like fairy dust? That's when you start growing eyes in the back of your head. Because the ugly truth is, life ain't worth a penny in the mob. One day, you could be having dinner with a guy you've known half your life and the next he'll be shoving a switch-blade into your adam's apple. So my advice? When in Rome, do as the Valentis do.[/justify]
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