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    July Update

    Very good, very good! Looking forward to it. As a former, poor, highest tear Patreon supporter, will I be awarded for one payment in credits upon launch? I had insufficient credit at the second payment, therefore the payment was denied . Will I be credited with one month at launch, or does it only count, if you were an active Patroen supporter this update?
  2. Good morning/evening y'all. Good to see you here. My name is Eriksen, and I'm exited to re-meet all of you. I think, I can state with some grace, I've been looking forward to this new era. I don't know precisely, whom of you I remember and know. People's names seem to've changed a lot. Aaa-anyway... I make music, record bands, choirs etc., play about six instruments, study some IT, work some IT, have a girlfriend and have played RP ever since 2009. I'm a proud Dane, hehe. Howdy'!
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