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  1. ColossalBQ

    We're done.

    Lets goooooooooooooo!!!
  2. Music indeed helps when you got shit ton of things to do lol
  3. ColossalBQ

    Release Update

    Take your time boys.
  4. ColossalBQ


    looks great, simple and meaningful
  5. As for the online gameplay, it's a quick play you can't really stop and think what your next strategy is, you have to rush all the time and shoot and if you don't people come up to you and you are dead eitherway... too intense... the same with single player mode, it was like 70% of the time you are on your own with no backup, it was like you had to survive on your own all the time. I can't say the money is not worth it but it could have been better imo.
  6. I'd rather recommend we look into the player base, if we have a large player base I believe we would be spread all over in the county too (ofc not the entire map but at least some parts), even though san andreas was a way smaller map we still had places such as las venturas and san fierro empty with nobody roleplaying, I believe we will get adopted in time and see what is what.
  7. I hope all together, more years to come!
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